Easy Fool

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I awoke to the luscious food cooking in the kitchen. "Good Morning, good morning in the daylight I sing!" He was singing to himself. "Oh, morning, I made breakfast, I hope you like eggs and bacon with orange juice." "I love it!" I have never had it. "OH, Ok." He flashed me a smile. He grabbed two plates from the cabinet and two cups. While I set all the food on the table. We sat and started to serve ourselves. 'So you excited to know who one the essay writing thing today?" "Not really, I just hope I get the good enough grades to get into the collage I've always wanted." "What collage might that be?" " Standford University." "OH, I'm going there too!" "But, I dont think I can get in." "What do you mean?" He looked at me with a confused glare. "Well I know I'm NOT the smartest student and naturally to get into college you have to be smart." I looked down at my food. I wasnt hungry anymore. "Well I know you are, I will help you." He shot me a smile and I looked up at him with a small smile. "Really?" "Yep, when a friend is in need I help." I smiled and continued to eat my delicious breakfast. When I was done He told me to go get ready and he would handle the dishes. I though DAMN he would make a good husband but he is #1 probubly taken or #2 gay. I put on my new dress and shoes. He gave me a hair brush and my hair was even smoother than it had ever been before. He gave me a bag, he said I could use his moms old school bag. I looked like a beautiful person for once. He took me outside and I got in his car. We drove to school. When we arrived he parked, he said "Have a good day." I nodded and headed inside. I passed two girls that just stared at me like I was the queen of the entire school or something. When I finaly got into reading and writing, I sat down andwaited for the teacher. Students sat on their desks and threw trash or gossiped about something thats not school. One of the girls came up to me and asked, "Where did you get your dress is GOURGEOUS?" "I-I." I didnt know what to tell her. "Did you get it from Jakies dress shop down town?" "I dont know I think, a friend gave it to me." Oh nice lie Maloney. "Man, and where did you get your hair done? Its so silky and shiny." "I do it myself." Jees I suck at lying but this girl has no idea what I'm saying. "Well I guess your going to have to come over sometime and do my hair." She smiled. "Sure maybe." she smiled bigger then walked away. I wonder what her problem was she seemed like she had too much sugar in her breakfast. Anyways. When the teacher came in he had all of our papers and everyone sat down in their seats. He said "Welcome to another day of Reading and Writing." We walked and passed out the papers I looked at mine and I saw a !00% on it. I wasnt suprised but I was proud of myself. At the end of the day, I waited for Jack to come out of the school like he told me to do. When he came out he said, "Hello my intellegent and beautiful firend." I didnt know what to say other than, "Are you ready to go?" "Yep, lets go." I acted like I didnt hear him say I was intellegent and beautiful. When we got back to his house he said, "People were asking me sooooo many questions today about you and of course I told them you were my adopted sister now." "wait what?" please tell me hes kidding. "Well you dont have a home and I texted my mother and she said it was ok." "Cool thanks." Hes rediculous. But I dont have a home and I dont want to go to the police about what happened. So I have no choice. I just hope he wont find out who I really am and what I did. When we were done with our homework he gave me some old clothes I could get dirty and we took all the cleaning matirials and got cleaning on the storage room. It was fairly easy. It was so clean and white. We cleaned the closet and got started to move in furniture. The smell was still there though. We were too tired to find the scource so I took my shower and just passed out on the couch. Aperently I wont be having that dream anymore. I hope I dont. I get so terrified in that dream. I just want to have a Yawn nice...good.......dream...

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