The News

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- Chapter 21

        We got off the plane and they dropped me off at my house. I gave my mother and father the biggest hugs and kisses.My moms due in like 4weeks and I'm so excited. I went to my room and went to sleep , it would be morning time in a few hours so why not get some rest.

- In 6:00am

      I was awoken by a call , Princeton told me to come outside. I had on slides , pajama pants , a sports bra , and a hoodie. He was in his moms car I got in and he drives off.

I said " Hey," to his mother and she gave me a kiss ," what's going on ?" I asked.

"Bella is about to give birth." he said.

" I'm sorry but I do not care , why are you taking me?"

" Because you want the test   like I do , right?"

" Yeah."

- Hospital

     Momma Teressa and I walked in the room where you can see everything , but instead of Prince holding Bella's hand it was some other guy.

Prince starred confused then came in the room with us.

    When she finished giving birth they did the test and made sure the baby was okay. We had to wait 30 minutes for the results. I was on edge of this. Bella was suppose to have the baby later on today but babies come whenever they want I guess. I decided to go talk to Bella , being the nice person I am.

" Yn your here ? " she asked in annoyed tone.

" Yep." I spoke.

" Oh , you just want the test don't you ? " she smiled.

" Yes I do." I smiled back.

She chuckled , " See thats the funny thing."

" How is it funny ? " I asked.

" Because you two are so dumb you should already know the results. Just think , the baby came earlier then when me and Jacob had sex. Oh and did you see Jacob holding my hand while I gave birth? No you didn't because the baby's father was. See Yn , I might be a lot of things but I'm sure not dumb. I played you and your little man to actually think the baby could be his. I'll never not know my babys father." she smiled. I wanted to choke her , punch that bitch so bad but I couldn't because I was happy too. I was angry but happy because that girl will be out of me and Jacob's life. Damn this batch is smart but evil.

" Thanks." I smiled walking out. Her face was so confused , she must have thought I was going to try and hurt her.

15 mins later..

     The people came with the results.

" Jacob Perez you are not the father of girl Bella Hernades. "

Jacob , his mother , and I jumped up and down and smiled Jacob even cried a little but not girl tears. He should've knew if Bella didn't give the baby his last name. I guess I'll be flying back to LA soon.

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