Third Person POV

"Harry...." Tessa, his nurse called his name. "Ugh...." He groaned. "Come on, you need to take your medication. Nilda said you have to." "And? I don't care." He said tiredly. "Or she'll-" "I FUCKING TOLD YOU I DONT GIVE A FUCK!" He screamed at the nurse. "HARRY CALM THE FUCK DOWN DAMMIT!!" Nilda screamed at the boy. "Nilda!" He cheered happily to the younger girl whom he cared but secretly loved for. He ran to her and he hugged and kissed her forehead. "Dude, stop" she laughed. "Mo.." He said as his face was buried in her watermelon scented hair. "Well I need to leave, bye Harry..." Nilda waved goodbye. "Bye Nilda!" Tessa smiled. "I love you..." He mumbled sadly as he saw his crush leave his side. "Ok Harry...let's get you your medication ready..." The nurse suggested. "Alright..." He said angrily.


"All done..." The nurse said happily. "Finally....." He groaned in boredom. "Ok, you can-" "goodbye" he began to leave. "Wait!" She yelled. "What do you want Tes-" Tessa grabbed his face and started to kiss him. But he had to refuse. It just didn't feel right to him. He pushed Tessa off and slapped her across her face. "What the fuck Harry?!" She screamed at him. "I LOVE YOU!!" She cried to him. "BUT I DONT I FELL IN LOVE NILDA WHEN I FIRST MET HER!" He screamed back. Harry didn't know that, his crush Nilda was watching and hearing their conservation. "So he...n-no....NO" she screamed and she ran out. He turned around and saw her run off. His eyes widened. "Oh my god.." He gasped. His face flushed pink as he realised his crush overheard his love for her. He ran off to find his crush and left the girl he hate on the floor with a bruise on her cheek. "NILDA" he cried. 'Fuck.fuck.FUCK!" He screamed to himself. He looked into a room and saw her rocking herself in a ball. "My god..." He whispered. "Don't believe him Nilda don't...he's fucking up your mind he's just playing with your heart. Yeah, he's playing you...." He heard her talk to herself. Little did he know, she had an anxiety attack. "Nilda are you ok?" He said worriedly. He was concerned about her. He cared about her. He fell to hard for her that he can't stop thinking about her. She's always on his mind. All he can think about is her. He says he needs her but he's too scared to kiss her. But he dreams about him and her on their first date and both of them kiss. She turns around and he backs up. "N-N-Nilda, what happened you?!" He cries as tears streamed down his face. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK?!" She screamed crazily. "Uh, umm..." He backed up, heart stopping at her, staring the other side of his crush that she didn't want him to see. She shook her head and looked at Harry, whose now terrified. "Harry I-" "No! STAY AWAY!" He started to cry. She walked towards him and hugged her crush. "I'm sorry..." She whispered in his ear. "I-I'm c-cold.." He shivered. "C'mere...." He crawled into her arms and both friends fell asleep. "Harry..." She whispered. "What Nilda?" He said tiredly. "Let's make a promise...." "Ok...." He said unsure. "You won't do any violence and I won't try to leave you and this earth again...." "Sure...." He said sleepy. "Thanks....." She said happily. "No problem bud.." She smiled and she fell asleep snuggled up to her crush.

**sorry if crappy short chapter but I couldn't think for 10 minutes 😖

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