Bombastic Love (MJ & Britney Spears Love Story)

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30th Anniversary 2001

Michael's POV

I was getting ready and my dancer for tonight was Britney Spears. She was really cute and I decided since she was new at the whole famous thing, I would give her a chance and let her be in my show tonight. She walked near her dressing room door and I stopped her,"Hey Britney." She smiled and said back,"Hey Michael." She walked towards me and said,"Hey, how much time do we have left until showtime?" "Less than 5 minutes." "Oh lord, we need to get going." I nodded and we walked backstage near the curtain that would let me through to go on stage. The director said,"Britney! Michael! You guys have 3 minutes." We both nodded and he walked off. I looked at Britney and she looked at me,"I can't believe I get to perform with a legend." I blush a little and say,"I can see in the future you're gonna be a legend yourself." She smiled real big and it was time to go on stage...

MTV Music awards 2002

Michael's POV

I was backstage talking with my directors and saw Britney Spears go on stage. I smiled thinking of how well she was performing for me last year. I continued to talk with my director and I heard my name. They told me to walk out and I forgot, I was getting the artist of the millennium award. I walked on stage and saw Britney with the award in her hand. She put it down and walked over to me and gave me a hug. I could feel her heart pounding really fast. She let go and have me my award. Then I went to make my speech."Wow, thank you so much for this award and... Britney Spears," I faced her and said,"You look great." I laughed a bit with some of the crowd going 'Ooh.' Then I made the rest of my speech...

Current Day: August 2003

Michael's POV

Tomorrow is my birthday and I really want some of my closest friends invited. I knew I was inviting Brett Ratner, R Kelly, P Diddy, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, and didn't have anyone else in mind. I shrugged my shoulders and my phone began to ring. I picked it up and said,"Hello?" "Hey Mike it's Ratner!" We all call him Ratner cause he never liked his first name Brett. "Oh, what's up Ratner?" "Nothing, i'm doing fine, and I can't wait for your party tomorrow, which I am arranging." "Hehe, make sure it's a good one this time, you always plan something bad for my parties." "Yeah, not this time, I'm too tired and out of ideas haha."

We chuckle and he says,"Did you hear Britney Spears is coming out with a new album next year?" "Oh really, I haven't spoke to her in a year." "Maybe you should invite her to your party." "Yeah, that's a great idea, she's a good friend, she would say yes probably." "Well I gotta go plan some more stuff out for your party, bye." "Bye."


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