chapter 2

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11 years later

Abbie's P.O.V:

we are here said my mum. we were moving away from my dad. my mum has had a really tough 11years as my dad was very aggressive I say my dad but all he really is to me is the sperm donner my mum has ago at me for saying it but its true i hate him so much for putting my mum through all this. anyway enough about him, I was moving to a nice village in Spain. I'm really upset that I have to leave my boyfriend Jake behind but he had to stay and lookafter his mum jane and her boyfriend mark. I have know jake for years since we were 5. we were inseperable and I was always with him it was only a year ago that we realised we loved eachother and became a couple. I slept at his most of the time because of my dad, so its going to be so hard not being able to see him every day like i used to. He said that he knows we can make a long distance relationship work and i believe he is right.

Jake's P.O.V:

Im so upset that my beautiful girlfriend is moving all the way to Spain. Im glad that they have finally got away from the man that made their life a living hell, but I'm gonna miss her so much. we have been inseperable from the moment we met she is my world and I love her loads. I wanted to go with her but I can't just leave mum and mark I would feel so bad. When mum and mark came home from work i spoke to them about it.

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