Preference # 25: Falling For You (Song Pref)

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I’m so excited for the night,

All we need’s my bike and your enormous house

You said some day we might

What the hell was I doing? he probably wasn’t even home. Or he changed his mind. I knocked again, this time, the door swung open, revealing a pair of gorgeous eyes, bright and framed by long eyelashes. She kicked the door further open as she struggled to put on her earrings. “Oh, good. You’re here.” Y/N said, pulling walking down the hall, leaving me no choice but to follow. “I set the speakers so just dock the phone in. Drinks are in the kitchen and my room and my parent’s room is off limits.” She said walking into the living room. I trailed after her like a puppy. She turned to face me, looking me up and down to assess me. “You’re Luke, right?” I nodded. She smiled slightly. “I’m Y/n. Y/B/N’s sister, but you probably assumed that, right?” I nodded again as someone came running downstairs. In trudged her brother, and I quickly tore my gaze from her, already missing her in my view. “Hey Luke.” He said, grinning. “Excited for the party tonight?” “Yeah. Thanks for letting us throw it here.” I said, glancing at Y/n again, who was pulling a pair of heels on. Her brother caught my glance and turned to his little sister. “Y/n you can’t hang around here.” He said quickly. I shook my head. “No.” They both looked at me in confusion. “I mean, she could stay.” I corrected. God, that pout she had was killing me. She sighed and flipped her hair over the other shoulder as she adjusted her earrings. I froze at the motion. “I’m heading out with [Y/F/N] anyways.” She looked up, noticing my frown and laughed quietly. “But I’m sure she wouldn’t mind hanging around for a little while.”


Maybe you’ll change your mind

I think I’m falling, I think I’m falling

"Oh, come on, Y/n!" I whispered into the phone. I heard her sniffing on the other line. Just imagining the tears that rolled down her cheeks and the wetness of her red rimmed eyes made me want to crush the phone in my fist. "Cal, I… I don’t know." She struggled to breath, I could hear it. Her words pierced my heart and Iran a hand through my hair. "Y/n, breath." It took a few minutes for her to regain a steady breathing pattern and a few minutes more before she could speak. "The question was," I repeated. "Do you love him?" She paused before answering, but she let out a airy breath that sounded so sweet and innocent that I felt my heart break. I wanted nothing more than to be with her. "I, I think I still do." She said softly. I cringed. "I know you don’t want me to." She said, a thousand miles away. She had no idea. I wanted her to hate him, forget him, and be with me. But that wasn’t going to happen, unless she changed her mind. "I’m sorry, Cal. He texted me, I got to go. Bye, love ya." The line went dead before I could respond. I stared at the blinking phone app before jamming the phone away. "Love ya." The bedroom door opened suddenly and Luke walked in, heading straight to his drawer to grab a shirt. My silence and tense posture made him stop and study me. "Cal…?" He asked tentatively. "You alright?" I nodded too quickly and he wasn’t convinced. I turned away and looked at my hands. "She, uh, she’s still in love with him." Luke was quiet for a second, and I couldn’t blame him. It was surprising and neither of us knew how she could still love her stupid boyfriend.


Oh but I want you now (I want you now)

When the smoke is in your eyes,

You look so alive,

Do you fancy sitting down with me? Maybe?

"Y/n!" Ashton yelled, making me laugh at his drunken state and his lack of volume. He got up and walked around the bonfire to where a group of kids arrived and greeted them with hugs and kisses on the cheek. He hugged one girl and winked at her. She was absolutely perfect. Maybe it was the way she looked through the smoke, but she just looked alive. Her eyes were so piercing and dangerous. They way she held herself, she was so confident. She could tear me apart, and maybe I wanted to be, considering she was the one to ruin me. ”Luke!” He yelled again. Luke got up from the sand and brushed it off his pants. “What?” “Y/n’s here.” I watched Luke nod in understanding and walk past me towards her. I caught Luke’s arm like it was a life line. He glanced at me lazily. “Who is that?” I nodded towards the girl. Luke smirked. “That’s Y/n. She’s a friend of Ashton’s.” He said, pulling away from me and walking to her. I watched from the driftwood log I sat on as Luke talked with Y/n. She seemed happy and excited by the conversation, smiling and laughing in such a way that it was killing me not to know what made her so happy. I thrived to know what made her smile and her eyes light up. Luke stuck his thumb back towards the parking lot and I could hear him apologize about something. I knew he was supposed to be picking up the food a while ago, so I held up the car keys as he ran by. In a swift movement, he grabbed them and ran towards the car. Y/n was alone now. She glanced around, seeing her friends all in conversation and that Ashton was trying to get Calum to jump into the ocean. Her eyes landed on me and I was frozen. She walked over to me and my heart beat faster. I was a rabbit in the wolf’s way. She nodded to the spot next to me. “Anyone sitting here?” She asked, her voice the best song I’ve ever heard. I shook my head. “You want to sit down?” I offered, moving aside, although she had enough room. A smile filled her face and I smiled back.


I don’t wanna be your friend,

I wanna kiss your neck

"Ashton, cut it out." She muttered out the side of her mouth. Y/n’s attention was entirely on the television as an old episode of a wedding dress show was playing. I pulled my hand away from her side and groaned loudly, tossing my head back in frustration. "God, Ash, If you don’t want to watch, take the remote." She said, handing me the clicker. I took it and began to scroll up, but she swat my hand, making me drop the remote. "No! No! Go back! She was trying on dress number three!" Y/n said, reaching over me to grab the remote off the floor. It was too far and she fell across me. "Ash! Hurry!" I leaned down with my longer arms and easily picked up the remote, smiling evilly. "Is this what you want?" I asked innocently. "Yes, yes!" I hummed, tapping the remote against my chin. "Really?" "Ashton!" She shrieked, grabbing it from my hands and clicking back to her show. I laughed and she pulled away from my lap, glaring at me. "I just wanted to see dress three." Y/n muttered. I rolled my eyes at her comment. "Well, maybe you shouldn’t have hit my hand." I shot back. She turned to face me. "Well, who just scrolls up instead up scanning the menu?” I leaned closer, getting in her face. “You gave me the remote, remember?” She narrowed her pretty eyes and stuck out her tongue. That was it. I reached over and grabbed her waist, tickling ferociously. “Ashton!” She squealed, squirming away from me as a smile curled on her lips. Soon enough, she was under me, twisting and howling with laughter. “Please! Ashton, I’m sorry! You are totally awesome and cool! I wish I was you!” She shouted and I let go. Under me, she panted and giggled, out of breath. Silence stretched on as I admired the view of her close up under me. “Ash…” Y/n said softly. I smiled and hummed a yes. “I, uh…” I blinked and refocused. She was uncomfortable and her eyes were wide with discontent. I quickly moved off of her and to the far side of the couch. On the screen, the bride tried on her fifth dress. Y/n sat up tensely and stared straight ahead. “I, we… need more popcorn.” She got up and hurried to the kitchen. I sighed, knowing I had gone too far again. It had happened before. I read the signs that were not there. I followed her into the kitchen to see her pressing the microwave buttons. “Y/n, you know how I feel.” I said from across the room. I watched her shoulders drop and heard her little lips part to let a sigh out. “Ash.” She started and I knew what was coming. The ‘we’re just friends.’ or the ‘I don’t feel that way.’ talk. I cut her off. “I don’t wanna be your friend. I want to kiss you-” “Ash-” “No. I want to kiss your lips, your nose… your neck…” Her eyes showed only sympathy. “You know what, I just, I’m heading out.” I turned and walked quickly out of the room. She called after me, but I kept walking. She only had pity for me.

Credit to: tryhard-ash

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