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I should have studied job opportunities more.


That had been his head. Oww.

He slid to the ground, feeling bricks catch his clothes and aggravate old injuries. Why, oh why did this always happen to him?

It was supposed to be a simple pick-up. No Batman, no police, no nothing. But somebody had tipped off the cops and he had been forced to run during the resulting firefight. Batman had caught up to him a few blocks away.

When I get my hands on that little prick…

Shut up and get us out of this!

For once he was grateful for Scarecrow’s high pain tolerance. Everything still hurt, but he was pretty sure broken ribs were supposed to hurt more than this.

His back met the wall again and he stayed down this time. High pain tolerance or not, this hurt and moving sounded like a bad idea.

We’re going to run. Just be quiet and let me handle this.

Run? Run how?

I don’t know yet, but we’re not going back to Arkham. I don’t like that shit they put you on.

That made two of them. But running sounded hard.

Batman approached them, his cape swirling behind him, and knelt down.

“Just give up, Crane.”

Scarecrow scowled behind his mask. Why did everyone always mistake him for Jonathan…oh. Right. Oh, the fun of sharing a body.

“How many times do we have to go over this?” he complained. Jonathan said something about behaving. Wuss. “Scarecrow. My name is Scarecrow. How would you like it if I called you by some other guy’s name? I’m not Jonathan any more than you’re Bruce Wayne! God!”

That earned him a hand around the neck and a rough shake.

Congratulations, you’ve irritated him further.

Sorry. Pet peeve.

He was dropped again. Ow. It was now or never. Batman probably wasn’t expecting him to run, anyway.

Get going!

He rolled away and scrambled to his feet, expecting for God-knew-how-many pounds to slam into him.

Hurry up!

Would you like to try?

He fled. There was the sound of a fluttering cape behind him, but he ducked down another alley and pressed up against the wall, wheezing. There had to be a way to get back home without being caught.

Go straight, then make a right. Then a left, then another left…


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