"yesterday was the most tiring day of my life.. well not actually that kind of tiring .. it's just because it was hot and I can't move freely.."

I had so much fun, specially with Kai, Yeonah and the others..

Today is sunny day and it's great to go to the mall..

Mom is cooking downstairs..  Umma.. i will just go to the mall for a while..

ne, take care my precious..

my mom is the sweetest ever.. :)

BYE umma..

*while I'm walking towards the bus station, someone's tapping my back..

Hey where are you going., Kai said...

to the mall wae?

we're going there too can we come with you? . Baekhyun said..

yes. it's okay...

*at the bus..

by the way what are you going to do at the mall?

I don't know I'm just gonna buy something that I want  or maybe eat there.. wae? I said

ahm nothing, I'd just thought of it.. Baekhyun oppa said

and you what will you do there?

We'll just gonna buy foods for our hyungs.. Kai said..

oh how sweet of you guys..

yah we are so sweet.. hahaha.. Baekhyun oppa said as he makes an aegyo...

*at the mall..

well we will depart here now..

bye. take care of yourself.. they both said..

yes.. you too.. bye now.


While we're walking.. I can't stand it because Baekhyun hyung can't stop turning around and

looking somewhere. I don't know what is he finding...

Hyung, is there something wrong?

mwo? aniyo, nothing.. wae?

It's just irritating hyung,, are you looking for someone? or are youlooking for Jinhan...

well if you're looking for her I know where she is..

where is she.?

She's at the food court eating something, I just saw her lately.. But I don't know

if she's still there..

hyung, I don't know why Kyungsoo hyung hates Jinhan a lot, and I think it's not

that bad if a girl is that hyper right? Baekhyun suddenly asked..

nae.. you're right.. well you can see everything to her..

she's pretty though.. I added..

yes.. he just nodded at what I said

~end of  POV

*at the food court..

and yes she's still there,eating.. so we went after her..

Hey Jinhan..

hey Baek.. :)

why are you here?

umm we just want to eat something and we saw you.. Kai exclaimed..

ahh okay, so what do you want to eat? pick your order now, I'm going to finish anytime now..

ne.. they said in unison..

-fast forward

after eating Kai is left at the mall because he wants to buy some shirts or something..

while walking the place is filled with silence

to break that silence Baekhyun talked..

Jinhan,where do you live anyway..

umm at that street..

well it's just a block away from here..

can I drive you there..

ne.. if it's okay

yes, it's okay for me..

*while driving

so where? which part here..

just at that house after the blue gate....

ey, we're just neighbors.. Baekhyun said..

oh? seriously.. so where is your house here..

the one that the gate is blue..

oh? i didn't knew that..

well you don't know because we are just staying there often..

it's just a rest house for us.. maybe hahaha.. :D

hmm.. now I know.. :D then when will you visit the house?

maybe next week or this week.. I'm not sure because my parents are so busy at their works..

you know... he said..

hmm.. you're right I experienced that one too.. I added

so I'll go now.. take care of yourself.. look at the road okay? bye now.. take care...

arraseo.. I'm going.. :) you too take care of yourself.. bye.. hmm.. I'm blushing why.?



Still here at the mall...

I just made an excuse to Baekhyun hyung and Jinhan because I want them to have time together.. but I'm a bit jealous though..

but I think it worked..

Hmm.. I'm bored now..

why don't I just go to the arcade.. yes maybe.. but I'm too lazy for it right now..

hmm.. what to do..

In the middle of my thinking.. someone went infront of me..

and yes it's my ex-girlfriend.. her name is Myonhi a happy girl and pretty as well..

[but Kai broke up with her because he saw Myonhi flirting with another guy..]

wae!!?  why are you here? Don't you remember what I said.. don't you ever, ever went after me..

I don't want to see you again.. arraseo!!?.. I shouted...

Oh oppa.. why don't you just forget about what happened.. It's a long time ago.. right? she said begging..

aniyo.. everytime,,, I'm remembering it.. and don't call me oppa.. It's irritating when you're the one saying it..

I'm going now.. don't stalk me..arraseo..!? I said as I turned my back at her...

ne.. you're the boss... she said and she's crying..

-tss... I can't stand seeing a girl crying because of me.. but she hurted me.. and I can't... uhhh.. okay---

..stop now.. there are too many people here.. stop crying okay? I'm sorry.. I said as I went infront of her and lifted her chin..

But I can't still forget about what happened last time. so I'm going home now.. just take care of yourself. okay..?


I'll update sooner guys.. stay tune..

sorry for the wrong grammars of maybe misspelled words..

----------->continue reading ne? :) kamsahamnida..

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