chapter 5 i don't love you

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"your twin?" i said in a question mode "yes my twin I know shocker right" he said "oh I am really sorry for thinking that was you"i smiled at him "its okay babe" he said moving closer so that our faces were like 3 or 4 inches apart "harry I dont think this is right" I tried pulling away from him but just fell on the couch "how is this not right we both love eachother so tell me how thisn't right" "i dont love you i hate you i despise you you are the worst human being on the earth" i said even though i was lying "i can tell your lying that you don't mean that shit tell me the truth please" he looked like he was about to cry "i'm not lying i dont love you at all i was leading you on" god I hate lying to him but i have to "fine ill  just  leave  then" he said walking out just as he walked  out  i whispered " I lied I do love you with all my heart" i cant believe i just did that what the hell is wrong me i love him yet i lied just i couldnt get hurt even i did by hurting him god i hate myself *ring ring* "hello" i said "hey its abs you okay" "yeah why" "because i just saw a pissed off harry walk out your house" "how i thought you moved" "you thought wrong and correct we moved to a downstairs apartment right next to your house" "well i have no idea why he is mad he was trying to lead me on but i didnt let that happen this time so yeah" "what did he say?" "he said he loved me which i did not believe" "i think he meant it" "well idk i mean if he does then i feel the same and if he doesnt then i still love him just he lead me on" "hello val i knew you felt the same" harry said shit

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