Chapter 31

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Izzy's P.O.V
I woke up and stretched but made contact with someone's face first. "Ow! Good morning to you too!" Jack said sitting up rubbing where I punched him. I laughed and said, "I am so sorry I didn't realize you were in my bed." He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched, "Yah well the couch isn't very comfy, and you were having some kind of nightmare. So it was a win win situation." I laughed and grabbed my phone and crutches. My phone! I checked to see when Nash was coming by today. No answer? Today's my last day here and he told me he was picking me up, I hope he still comes. Jack threw me some clothes and I went to the bathroom, showered, got dressed, and threw my hair into a messy bun. When I walked out Jack was ready and on his phone. We walked out together over to Cam and Brianna's room. Jack quietly opened the door to Brianna and Cam cuddling. Aw how cute. Yah well me and Jack are here to ruin the moment! I walked over and poked Cam's face like 10 times before he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to his face, "Even though I am not as strong as I was before, I am still stronger than you. That means no facial poking while I am sleeping." He let me go and I burst out laughing. Brianna sat up fast and looked so confused. That just made me laugh even harder. "What the hell Izzy?! Why are you laughing?" I kept laughing until I couldn't laugh anymore. "Cam is just being stupid." Ha rolled his eyes and Brianna giggled. "Well I have to go shower so I shall be back!" Brianna said in the worst British accent I have ever heard. We all laugh at her and then Jack says, "I never showered either! Cam I'm using your bathroom." Cam nodded his head and Jack skipped to the bathroom. "And then there were two." I said. Cam pat next to him on his bed. I didn't move and he started beating up his bed. I laughed and sat down. "Alright Sis, hook me up on the drama. What did you do without me?" I replayed the horrible past 3 days in my head. "Um you really missed nothing." I replied looking at my hands. There really was no point in lying, Cam reads me like an open book. "Yah right Izzy! Tell me all the ups and all the downs. Now." I sighed and looked up at him. "Well I was literally depressed, that made Nash turn into a mess, and then Brianna and me were a mess together. Lets see what were the ups? Oh when Brianna first woke up. And when we made a new list. And when Nash left." By the last statement Cam had a very confused look on his face. "Why did you want Nash to leave, and what list?"
"I was just making him into a mess. Whenever I looked at Nash it reminded me of you. You were practically dead and he just made it worse. So when he left I didn't see you and it helped. The list is a new one of our lists. Brianna, Jack, and I wrote a list of all the things we would never do no matter how depressed we got." At the end he nodded and then engulfed me in a bear hug. "I am sorry that I put all you guys through that, but now I'm here to stay." "Cam? You know what is weird, Nash hasn't answered my text in over 12 hours." I check my phone just in case. "Well maybe he is sleeping." Cam says knowing its untrue. "He is sleeping at 12:36 in the afternoon?" Cam realizes what he said and nods. "Just text him again. Maybe he didn't get the first one." I go into my messages and text Nash.
IM- Hey Nash text me after you read this. Just wanted to tell you Cam is okay! And that I am leaving today.
10 minutes later Brianna comes in and still no text from Nash. "Hey the guys are here!" She says. When she opens the door there stands 8 guys and 2 girls with flowers balloons and teddy bears. I laugh and get up. Cam grabs my wrist and pulls my ear next to his mouth, "Nash isn't here. I'm kinda worried about him." I nod and grab Taylor by the back of the shirt and bring him to my room. "What is up with Nash? Where is he?" Taylor's eyes go big and he says, "He was texting some girl when we left. Don't tell him I told you! It might not be like his girlfriend or anything. Im not exactly sure." Taylor looks down at his feet. I am stunned and go sit on the edge of my bed. I feel like I want to cry but I hold it in. He isn't mine. I have no reason to be jealous or upset, but I am.We weren't technically dating. But I thought he actually liked me. Yah right Izzy what are you saying?! He just pretended to like me because of Cam. How could I have fallen for that?

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