Chapter 43


Last night was amazing. Trey planned everything perfectly and i was completly surprised. After the proposal he treated me and the family to a dinner at an expensive restaurant.  The food tastes great and everyone was happy. At the end of the dinner, they all toasted to Trey and I. After Trey and I went home, you know that we put it down in the bedroom. Both of us have been waiting for eachother for so long and when we finally got it , it was amazing. I was sleeping so peacfully, it seems like all my problems have gone away and im happier than ever. As i was sleeping i was waken up by someone shaking the crap out of me.

Tremaine: " Baby,Wake up right now"

Chantelle: " Ughhh, im sleeping go away " I said covering my heads with the sheets

Tremaine: " Haha, well i guess Mrs. Neversons gonna be late for our flight" He said getting off the bed.

Chantelle: " Flight?  What flight ? " I said poking my head from up under the sheets.

Tremaine: " I cant tell you.  Just get dressed." He  said pulling the sheets off of me.

Chantelle: " Ughh what ever"

I groaned as i got out of bed. I went into the washroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and then stepped into the shower. When i was done showering i went into my closet and found something to wear. I was too lazy to look cute so i just picked out my black and gold addidas tracksuit and my all black air maxes. I tied up my hair in messy knot bun and did mo makeup. After i was done i walked downstairs to look for Trey. When i found him he was leaning against the kitchen counter eating a bowl of cereal with a whole bunch of luggage around him.

Chantelle : " Im ready. " I said walking towards him with my eyes half closed. I was still tired as hell.

Tremaine: " Aw my babys tired "  He said kissing the tip of my nose.

Chantelle: " Well i would look better if you gave me more time to get ready."  I said pouting.

Tremaine: " shut up you look amazing" He said kissing me on the lips. He then grabbed my hand and stared down at my engagement ring.

Tremaine: " Do you like it ? "

Chantelle: " Of course i like it. Even if it was a ring pop i'll like it because it means im getting married to you  " I said cheesing.

Tremaine: " Well you better,that shit was expensive. " He said laughing. Suddenly someone honked their horn outside.

Tremaine: " Oh shit. We have to go babe " He said picking up the luggage.  I picked up my purse and followed him out the door. Outside there was the same driver from yesterday.

Driver : " Hello Mrs.Neverson, how are you today?"

Chantelle: " Im fine thank you" I said smiling at him. Its nice being called Mrs.Neverson.

Tremaine: " Alright, we're all packed" He said closing the trunk . He grabbed my hand and led me into the car. The driver closed the door behind us and started driving.

Chantelle: " Trey ..." I said looking at him

Tremaine: " Yes?"

Chantelle: " Where are we going. Its five in the morning"

Tremaine: " I know but we dont want to miss our flight."

Chantelle: " What flight Trey ?"

Tremaine: " Our flight to Costa Rica" He said placing his hand on my thigh and smiling.

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