Chapter 23

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Amy's POV

"Amy, if you don't understand you can ask me, don't bother your friend." Ms. Shevlin said. She had been pacing back and forth in front of us, pretending to read a book when actually her eyes were all over us.

"Don't worry, I'm fine with Alvie," I smiled to her, trying to look innocent

Making Ms. Shevlin jealous was an easy task. I just need to get all touchy with Alvia and she would be all agitated. I actually was laughing inside my mind. It's obvious that they liked each other. I just couldn't stand it watching them kept avoiding each other. All they need was a little bit fire.

"Hey, Alv, what is this sentence mean? Help me please," I whined at her. Okay, the whole asking things was actually real. I really didn't understand this absurd language. I kept poking her cheeks with my finger to get her attention and she would just held my finger to stop me. That somewhat made me smile. I studied her serious expression, how she would creased her eyebrows while thinking. It's just cute.

I clapped my hands when Alvie finally turned to help me. Finally. But then, she started explaining it in her Japanese language which made me rolled my eyes, " Alvi! English!" I reminded her. She gasped and closed her mouth saying 'sorry'. She started explaining again while I leaned to her shoulder. I could feel Ms. Shevlin's eyes burning on us. She even wrote on the whiteboard with a little bit much power, causing some screech noise eventhough she used marker. Somewhat scary, though. Haha.

"Okay, time's up. Hand me your works, please" she said

"Alvia, give her mine, please. I'm still a lil' bit sick," I lied to her while she just nodded. I motioned my eyes to Finn and told him to do something. He stood up and walked behind a guy, in front of the guy was Alvie. He casually tripped the guy over which causing him to push Alvia. To our surprised, she perfectly landed on Ms. Shevlin's embrace. Whoa. With Alvie's shriek, they fell onto the floor. Too bad we couldn't see their expressions because Alvie's back was facing on us and Ms. Shevlin beneath her. Girl on girl. That was actually looked hot. Even the whole class whistled. Smartass Finn, didn't want to get the blame, he used someone else. I rolled my eyes to him and he just mouthed 'whoops' to me.

They quickly released each other and I could see them blushed furiously. I tried to stifle my laugh, but absolutely fail.

You're welcome, Alvie honey.

RIIIIING!!!! The bell rang signalling the end of lesson. I heard the class whining, not wanting the lesson to end. Perhaps, this was the only class that the students would never want to end. Especially with a teacher like her.

She quickly gathered her things and rushed out with the other kids. Finn had long gone with one of the girl he was constantly flirting with. I had trouble with stuffing my things back "Alvie, wait!" I shouted, but she didn't turn over. What's up with her? The previous accident wasn't a big deal, anyways, I thought. The class began to empty and I was the only one left. I slunged my bag and ran to the door, but stop midway to turn around to say 'Bye' to Ms. Shevlin. I found her was spacing out behind her desk, staring blankly to the floor. Her finger was on her lips and I saw a slight blush on her cheeks.

I winced my eyebrows, trying to understand her gesture.

"No, way." my eyes went wide as I quickly realized what had happened. It was definitely a big deal.


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