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Sighing he told me to follow him and that we would go back to the Hokage's office in the morning to discuss ranks and my sister's class.

-Recap end-

-Kurai's P.O.V.-

When we finally got to his house Ibiki told me that he only had one room so I could have the bed and he would take the couch.

I didn't like that idea so I shook my head and pointed at him and then to his bed. Pointing to myself and then the floor by the window I layed there on the floor with my back to the wall facing him.

Sighing he gave up on trying to change my mind and walked away to his room that was down the hall.

Since I don't sleep, ever I decided to wait till he fell asleep and then leave to the tree that was outside the window I was by.

When his snores were heard from down the hall, that was when I jumped into action and left the house to the tree that was outside but eventually got bored as the stars were starting to shine even brighter.

So I left the tree and took note of where his house was and decided to explore the village so I would know where everything was.

After about two hours I sat on top of the 4th Hokage's head. The Hokages monuments were quite beautiful and were in the perfect place to see the whole village from and the sky.

I lost track of time as I saw the sun start to rise. Deciding it was time to go back I ran back to his house to get my clothes to change into... But they weren't there and Ibiki was furious with me for leaving so I got a big scolding from him and to top it off he said that we were gonna be late if we didn't hurry up and get a move on.

Personally I didn't care if I was late because knowing Kakashi and my sister they were going to be late unless Junsuina was set on going to school then they might not be too late.

But not wanting to hear Ibiki yell anymore I ran out of the house and went towards the Hokages tower. Ibiki wasn't far behind and was yelling at me to slow down, so I did just that and felt him run into me. But me being me didn't let him make me move one inch.

So with him fuming over how mad and upset he was with me, we walked well I walked calmly to the Hokages tower. After knocking and hearing a faint come in we both walked in and faced the Hokage and bowed.

"Okay well good morning you two. We will be discussing ranks and schooling once Kakashi and Junsuina get here." Hokage said.

Knowing we would be waiting for a while for those two to be here I sat down and started to meditate.

-Third P.O.V.-

Both Ibiki and the Hokage sweat-dropped when they saw Kurai start meditating by the window.

They both sighed once they remembered that Kakashi was always late and with a 10 year old it would probably be even later.

For two hours they waited and there was still no sign of him or the girl.

Getting tired of waiting Ibiki started to yell about how disrespectful this was and how he should be punished for it.

-Junsuina's P.O.V.-

After following Kakashi for what seemed like forever we made it to his house.

"I have three bedrooms... One is storage one is mine-" "Obviously" I said interrupting him.

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