Bloody Rose

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The Bloody Island was a Myth guarded by the Bloody Rose, a man so terrifying that he scared the Gods and Goddess into giving him a island so that he wouldn’t wage war on them. A war that they knew that they couldn't win. But that was not true, after many people researched they found that it was one version of the myth.

The second version was that he rescued the Goddess of nature’s daughter who was a Demigod, or Demigoddess as she called herself believing that Demigod was a sexist term.

The story went like this:

The Goddess of nature watched as her daughter was kidnapped from her mortal husband’s home, she watched as her daughter was raped, tortured, and enslaved. The Goddess of nature who loved everyone, all life wanted revenge. But she knew that she couldn't do it herself, and none of the other Gods and Goddess would get involved claiming that her daughter had brought it on herself. So it was with a heavy heart that the great Goddess left the situation, she could not interfere as she had been banned from doing so. Each time she looked into her lake she wept, the more she watched the more the Goddess began to die from a broken heart.

By the time the other Gods and Goddess noticed what was happening it was too late, their sister, daughter and lover was on her deathbed. They mourned the fact that she had been stupid enough to fall in love with a mortal, and had a child. They didn't understand, she loved both her husband and her child, she knew that she would outlive them so she had created an island that was outside of their rule, Father time had no sway over it, Death had no jurisdiction. Fate had no say in what happened to the island, but as the Goddess laid dying one man, set out to free her daughter.

The man had heard rumours, that a Goddess's daughter had been captured at first he didn't believe them, until he had seen it for himself. A young woman with grass green hair, and deep sea blue eyes, her skin was as white as snow. He knew then that something had to be done, he planned for weeks and two month later he broke her free slaughtering all who stood in his way. He painted the ground red, but that wasn't why he got the name Bloody Rose, his sword had a Rose on the hilt of the sword. When he slashed open his enemy the blood sprayed over the nearby flower which always happened to be white roses, with the daughter free and the enemies dead he took her to her mother’s temple and prayed.

When the Goddess felt the pray, she dismissed it until she heard a timid voice

“Mother are you there?”

The great Goddess gasped and looked at her lake, there was her daughter bloody but still alive. using the last of her strength she transported herself into her statue, knowing if she did this the  she would die. But she would die happy knowing her daughter was finally free, looking at the man she asked

“You may have anything you wish.”

The man looked at her, and spoke in a deep rumbling voice

“The only thing I ask for my lady is a place I can call my own away from humanity as it killed my family, friends and my lover.”

The Goddess looked at the man and could see the deep seated pain inside of him, looking at him she nodded her head, the man smiled and tilted his head. Looking at her daughter she spoke for a final time

“This will be the last time you will see my my daughter, after this i will die. I used the last of my strength to come and see you one last time, Tell your father i love him and i will see him when his time has come, i love you my child be happy and safe.”

With that the statue closed her eyes for the final time never to be reopened again.

With the Gods and Goddess they were furious at what had been done, they had lost someone dear to them. They wanted revenge, so they struck down the girls father in front of her, they watched with malice and glee as she found her father's dead body torn open like a wet tissue. But what they didn't count on was the man that stood over her and watched as she wept, then for them to disappear, no matter how hard they looked they could not find them, so they left them alone for the time being. They had went to her mother’s island where they both rested, they explored the island and found that they loved it.

After a time the Demigoddess fell in love with her saviour, but was soon distraught when she found that he could only ever lover her as a sister and not as a lover as he only like men. They had fought loud and all night before she understood, it had broken her heart but she had understood. So she left the island in hopes of finding love, but once she left the island she noticed her mistake, they had only been on the island for a year but outside of the island a thousand years had passed. She had no idea what to do, or where she could go, so she steeled herself and if been enslaved, beaten, tortured, raped, seeing her father killed and losing her mother couldn't break her then she wouldn't allow this to break her.

She eventually fell in love with a young baker who loved her dearly and wanted to give her the world, she took him back to her mother’s island to meet her saviour and the man she considered a brother, The meeting was sweet and short, she received his blessing to live on the island should they wish it, or they could continue to live outside with the mortals. So the discussed it they were well aware of the time difference so they agreed to speak and meet as often as they could.

Several years later, the Bloody Rose received word that his sister and his brother- in- law had died of old age, in a fit of rage he slaughtered several fishermen nearby, painting the white roses a blood red. With a heavy heart and guilt flowing through his veins he went to sleep.

The white roses, sensed that their master was going to sleep, so they closed only to reopen blood red, every sunrise and sunset they would flash warning people away. Warning them that the Bloody rose slept there and was still guarding the island.

It is said that when the Bloody Rose wakes up the full world will know, as his island raises itself from the sea. Many people don't believe it. However every fisherman that has spent his life on the sea will tell you every sunrise and sunset the sky will glow blood red as the once white roses, bloomed another generation passing as the Bloody Rose slept on.  

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