Return to the Academy

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Jessie POV

“We have missed so much school” Yaz said one morning over breakfast, “They aren’t going to let us out on spring break because we have missed so much school”

“We are still at the top of our classes, besides you failing a class would be a laughing matter” Harmony said

“Fine, but we should fly back soon, just in case my father decides to visit” she said

“Would that be such a bad thing” I asked

“Yes, he would probably kill all of you, then Chase, then me, then raise us all from the dead and do it again” Yaz said with a small smile on her lips

“I doubt that” I responded grabbing a clump of grapes from the bowl

“Don’t, underestimating our father isn’t wise” a voice said behind us, we looked back, Chase was descending the stairs. He sat down on Yaz’s left side, they exchanged a glance and we continued on with breakfast.

I drove with them to the airport, but I wasn’t going with them, my parents wanted Jace and I home, they had missed our birthdays for a year, it was too expensive to fly us back and forth all the time. Jace was going to meet me at the New Hampshire airport. We all got into their fathers leather seated car and drove off. When we arrived at the airport Yaz handed the driver some money, “Not a word to my father of who you drove, am I right” she said in a sweet voice.

“Of course” he said pocketing the money and opening the door for us. We walked into the airport, Yaz started to talk quickly with Harmony and Lissa, Shay fell behind to walk with me.

“So bribery is another one of her better qualities” I said

“No she does what she needs to do to protect her friends” he responded as though it should have been obvious. Their talking had ceased, they were watching three males walk towards us, they looked normal, black jeans, button up plaid shirts, with a white shirt under them. They looked normal, until you looked at the faces.

“I see you have healed Ms. Blair” Xavier said, the Elders had gone through a lot to make themselves look inconspicuous.

“For now” she responded through gritted teeth

“Are you sceptic about our peace keeping” he asked, raising an eyebrow

“Of course not, Domine” she said, looking him straight in the eyes as she said it, “But my father always taught me to be ready for a fight”

“Yes I do suppose he did” Xavier mused, I glanced around the terminal, no human was taking notice of this exchange, they probably thought that we were all friends from college or something, were they ever wrong. “Jessie” he said, looking at me, “Could I have a word please” he asked, I couldn’t refuse, so I didn’t understand why he would phrase it as a question.

“Of course” I responded. He walked away from the group to a café on the terminal, he ordered a coffee and the waitress walked away.

“You are probably curious as why I asked to speak to you” he said as the waitress came back with his coffee, which I noticed was black. He continued to talk, “The Union is approaching, you must be getting anxious” he said

“Yes” I responded not knowing what else to say

“Adulthood, what every pup wants, a mate, a nice house, pups of their own” he said, it almost sounded like a drawl, “But I must now ask a serious question, have you truly found your heart” he asked, I wasn’t sure how to respond

“I think so” I responded, wishing that he would just get to the point

“We need you to be positive, there is no thinking after the union. After the union there is no going back” he said

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