Chapter 1 ~

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As You All Know My Name Is Mary Rivera.I Live In London With My Two Bestfriends And I'm Just As Ordinary As Any Other Girl Out There In The World.But Some Say I'm Different.I Do Things Differently.But Here's My Story On How I Meet One Direction And How All 5 Mates Fell For Me.And How I Had To Make A Decision On Who I Fancied.Although I Never Thought This Would Have Evered Happend To A Girl Like Me.Every Girl Would Love Or Must Say Rather Die To Be In My Position. But Trust Me It's Really Not As Good Or Fun As It Seems. It's Really Worring And And I Don't Have Another Word For It.But I Say Worring Because You Don't Know Which Lad Is Going To Hate You Or Not.It's Really Hard To See Which Lad You Fancy.Because They Are All Nice Lovely Handsome Lads.But For Now I Must Say Keep The One You Think Is The One Close Just In Case You Fall Harder For Them.Now I'm Must Tell You About How It All Happend. And What I Felt And Thought About The Whole Thing.I Guess It Will Be Kinda Cool To Experience Something New Or To Meet My Dream Band.But Like I Said Before I'm Gonna Take You On An Adventure Of Love Hate Laughter Sadness. So Many Feelings.But For Now Sit Tight And Look Threw My Journey Of Which Lad I Fancied.

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