Mollie Pov:

Every Friday night at 6:00pm, it was movie night at our house. My dad, my mom, and I would sit on the couch and watch a movie while we eating ice cream.  One Friday night I went to get the ice cream, but there was no ice cream.

"Mommy, we are out of ice cream." I said

"Sorry sweetie,  we just won't have ice cream this time." My mom said.

"NO! Its tradition, please go get some." I asked, but she said no. I kept begging for her to go. She finally broke down and went.

"I'll be back in ten minutes." She said. That ten minutes turned into forty-five minutes. Then the phone rang.

Father Pov:

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Hello sir, is this Mr. Fife?" a man asked.

"Yes this is, how may I help?" I responded.

"This is officer Rick, I'm sorry, but your wife, Mrs. Fife, was hit by a drunk driver. Both of them were killed instantly. I'm sorry for your lose." Officer Rick said before he hung up.

I gentally put the phone down and looked at my sevem year old daughter, Mollie. She reminded me so much of her mother. After a couple of months, I realized it was her fault Trish died. I jad gotten so angry that I took it all my angry out on Mollie.

Mollie Pov:

"What did they say daddy?" I asked in a sweet voice. "Is mommy coming home?" After I said that he yelled and cried.

"WHY DID SHE HAVE TO LEAVE?!" He bursted out and than shoved me into a wall.  Than slammed his door and started making crashing noises. Than months later, he started beating and would cut me if I said a word. I had no one to protect me. I was all alone in the world.

Hi, I hope yall like the it so far. Please leave comments on what you think. And ill be updating this story every Sunday. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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