Changed Forever By A Gun

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I'm Luke and this is what changed me forever…. I was in a store when had I got shot by a man in a drama mask. I almost died.  We walked into that little convenient store like place, as if it was no big deal. We had immediately known that tonight didn’t feel like it should have. I should have listened to what Kelsi was saying; these were all phrases going through my mind. If you are wondering what I am talking about, well you are about to find out.

My girlfriend and I had been walking back from the park. It was dark out as it was 9:45 at the time.  Her parents lived right across the street and I live in the house behind. So as we walked to the store she mumbled something. “What?” I had asked. “I said I am getting a slushi thingy!!” She screamed it in a happy voice. “Oh.”

We walked in and separated; I grabbed: A slushi, a fun dip candy package and a ring pop. Kelsi grabbed the same; that’s when it happened, BANG!! It was a gunshot; it had come from the front counter. A parent and a kid ran out the door as a car sped off; the screeching sound was remarkably loud for the fact we were inside. Glass was shattered in every way and everywhere.

Kelsi's mom said later on that “The gun men left running out of the store, towards the house; they broke into the neighbours car and got away. After that the cops were there collecting evidence and a week later the case was solved and the three gun men were charged.

Kelsi was put in the hospital after the shards went through her shoulder. I visited Kelsi until she was out of the hospital after that we hung out more often but were more careful and now I have convinced both mine and Kelsi's parents to let us have cell phones.


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