chapter 7

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NOTE-before i start i just had to say i made a mistake with the names sean is yn's brother and i forgot that and switched to leon so they arent two different people just had to say that so i wouldnt get anyone confused...)


sean and eddie busted into the house looking around

sean- they definitely  kidnapped her we all know yn is a neat freak about the house being clean

lee- yea we know man i cant believe this how we gonna find her

eddie- there goes some kinda clue over there

we all looked over to where he was pointing it was a piece of a ripped shirt on the grown so i went over and picked it up

lee-this is fucking disgusting

sean- what is it

me- its sweaty and shit here man

i handed it to sean who handed it to eddie

eddie- one of my homeboys just got out of jail he got two german shepards we can see who this is if we let them sniff it out i dont think the police should get involved

sean- true then we might get arrested w hat you think lee

me- yea lets go with eddie idea but we need to look around for more evidence

sean- ightt i look around in here somebody go in the kitchen and somebody go check in any other spots

i went back in the kitchen looking over some stuff. yn threw down man i feel bad for not being here i mean the only person i ever invited over was mike but he cool he wouldnt even hurt a fly if i tell sean then they just gone pressure him and i doubt he did it or could he have shit i cant think straight right now i dont know i just remembered him always telling me how sexy she was and how he would do anything for a women like her but then again every guy says that.... lemma just continue looking he wuldnt do that shit to me we like brothers...

i continued  looking around and just found broken plates and food scattered on the ground... i honestly dont know what to do with this...


you were cooking for the kids when you remembered something you mustve not have been thinking straight until you remembered the most important detail... mike had come over three weeks before this happened he kept trying to hit on you and was always making sex jokes to you behind Lee's back you forgot to tell lee about it but it was al coming back to one sentence ran through your mind "you will be mine yn" was the last thing he told you before he left... you continued cooking when mike came in there

mike- do you want to know where the boys are now

you- yea

mike- ightt finish cooking this get the kids situated then come back down after they sleep

you-what are you doing to them mike

mike- for now on i want you to call me daddy too

you- this s gonna be a hell hole

mike- it wont be one if you follow the rules

you- whatever

30 minutes later you finished cooking and fixed the plates taking it to the girls and feeding them there were fresh pajamas for them on the bed o after they were done eating you bathed them and put them to bed locking the door from the inside and going to mike

you- im ready to see my kids

he led you down to the basement and pulled out a key

you- before we go in why are you keeping them down here

mike- they're in training

you- for what

mike- my gang babygirl....well riley isnt thats Sean's  son so he just helps out with other stuff now you ready

you nodded and he unlocked the door you saw ty and zay laying u n small cots and almost got into tears riley was sitting on the counter drinking water

you-omg mike you're  torturing them this isnt training and this is not what they want to be all their lives

mike- i dont give two flying fucks they fine we teaching them extreme conditions

you- i promise on everything i own if one of my kids die in this place imma set it off my damn self even if i gotta risk my life

he smirked you walked over to ty and zay hugging them

you- are yall doing ok right now

ty- no im.hungry cold and i wanna go home wheres lee at man

zay- we got kidnapped didnt we ma

you- im afraid so how you learn bout all this stuff boy

zay- i listen to uncle Sean's  gang plans and i read books

you- mmm ill bring yall something to eat soon as possible im sorry this happening yall

riley came over to yall

riley- aunty yn can we leave here im starving

you- im trying but dont worry ri you'll  be going home soon

riley-yaaayy !!

zay- aye ma what about us i wanna go home too

you- this is our new home

ty- hell fuck boy no !!! man i aint staying here in this rat infested cave who ever did this better let us out or imma set this shit off!!

you- ty watch your mouth boy

ty- im sorry im speaking my mind Mama dont worry we'll  be fine i promise

you kissed their cheeks and hugged them all going ut to your room with the girls mike locked up the basement room you were pissed he had them living in those conditions you got in bed cuddling the girls since you knew mike wasnt going to let you give them food you'd  have to sneak it instead....shit this was gonna change yall life forever

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