chapter 10 : Nightmares and Dreams (coming true)

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I woke up panting. I'd just had a nightmare, and I was freaked out.

Really freaked out. Cameron was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him. I didn't want to wake any of the girls, either, so I got out of my bed and slipped into the dimly lit hallway.

I walked to Shawn's room and knocked.

He opened the door.

"Its two in the morning." He said, rubbing his eyes.

"Can I..." suddenly the idea seemed stupid. Shawn was in a room with Nash, Matt, and Hayes. Nash was in the bed next to Shawn's and was probably awake listening to us. Tag

hats when I realised that I'd basically seduced Nash.

"Holly?" He waved his hand in my face.

"Oh." I stopped thinking. "Can I lay with you? I had a nightmare."

"Yeah." I followed him into his bed, and he began to finger the material of my slip.

"What are you wearing? Its really sexy."

"You think?" I said, smiling.


I turned towards him. "Hold on one second." and I flipped back around, turning on the lamp. Nash was sleep. I turned it back off, and flipped towards Shawn.

I put my hand in his hair. "How do guys do their hair?"

"I don't know. We aren't like the boys in One Direction--we don't use product. We just have to run our hands through it occasionally, I guess."

"I love it when guys do that. Does Nash do that? Because if so, I take it back."

"Why don't you guys get along? You seemed to get along just fine in that vine of you two doing the tango."

"I only tried it because it looks cool on Dancing with the Stars!"

He chuckled.

"Its not that I don't like Nash. Its just entertaining to mess around with him."


I sighed. I was still messing around with Shawn's hair. I was glad he couldn't see me, because I was mad blushing. My feelings for Shawn seemed to be coming out from where I stored them, and I really wanted to kiss him, especially because now he was single--I should make a move before someone else does.

I turned on the lamp and got out of Shawns bed. "I'm going to the bathroom". I said, and I swayed my hips as I went to the bathroom, staring at my reflection. I wet and dried my face and walked back to Shawn's bed. He was staring at me. I unravelled my bun and ran my fingers through my hair, and then turned the lamp back off.

"Holly, do you me?" He said, out of no where.

I nodded silently.

He put his hand on my waist and pulled me in to him. His face was inches from mine, his lips across from my nose, and he moved in. He kissed my nose first, then the area below it, and then my lips.

It was everything I'd been waiting for...but it just didn't feel right. I pulled away.

"Shawn," I said. "I don't know if this is the right time. Do you like me, or are you just trying to get over your break up?"

He sighed. "I've liked you for a long time. Ever since we went on that walk. Before that, actually. You were the girl who I was talking about all along."

It all clicked in my head. "But I told you that I liked you."

"I was scared. I figured that you hadn't liked me, so I'd already asked someone out back home. It was...staged."

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