Chapter 8- Anna Returns

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The younger man got up and headed toward the bookshelf. Niall turned to me. “Oh Rae, by the way, this is my mom Maura, my dad Bobby and my brother Greg” he said. I smiled. “Nice to meet you all” I said. Greg came back with a huge book. He flipped through it until he reached a page with a drawing of spirits all over it, they looked so real. I felt chills down my spine. “Why do you have this book?” I asked. “We got it years ago after Maura’s mother died. We thought she was still haunting the house, so we purchased a book on ways to tell if a ghost is connected with your house or you” Bobby said. Greg pointed to the pages. “They say here that if a ghost makes contact with you, it has a chance to either possess or connect their spirit to you. If you get possessed, you do certain things and not remember. If you’re being followed by one, you’ll get messages from the ghost, usually transmitted by urges or desires the ghost wants you to perform” Greg said. I batted my eyes…holy shit. “Usually when a ghost connects their soul to a living person, they have to get energy signals through their nervous system. In order to complete that, the person has to feel them enter as a result. Mostly, the living person feels a shock” Niall said. Oh my god, this isn’t happening! “So, she’s taken me over!?” I asked. “No, you’re not possessed, she’s just connected to you. She’s around you, and when she wants you to do something, she hacks into your system and sends a message to your brain” Niall said. Maura walked up to me. “That means…my little girl is here” she said. I looked around me, she’s somewhere around me, it’s like we’re 1 now. “Well, all you have to do now is find that kidnapper” Maura said. “I’m guessing Anna will lead the way” Bobby said. “Well, let’s get going” Greg said. Suddenly, I looked ahead and Anna was there again. I screamed, the others turned around. “What’s wrong Rae?” Maura asked. I pointed at Anna, they looked at me, confused. “What?” Bobby asked. “You don’t see her? She’s right there, Anna’s right there” I said. “We don’t see anything” Greg said. “Anna?” Niall asked. Anna looked up at her family, black tears started rolling down her eyes. I slowly walked up to her and put my hand out. “May I?” I asked. She didn’t say anything, she kept crying. I slowly placed my hand on her shoulder, she didn’t react. “Don’t cry sweetheart” I said. “She’s crying? Anna, my baby” Maura said. “Shhh” I said. She looked up at me. “Why can’t they see you?” I asked. “Only you” she said. “Why?” I asked. “You have been touched by me, only you can see” she said. I sighed. She walked over to her family members, I turned my head that way too. “Why are you staring at us?” Greg asked. “She’s next to you guys” I said. Anna looked up at Niall, then back at me. “No one else, only Niall” she said. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Only Niall shall come, everyone else must stay” she said. “But why?” I asked. “If they come, they’ll die. Only you and Niall will survive” she said. I stood in shock, we’re really in that much danger? “You 2 must go now, I will lead you” she said. She disappeared, I looked up at all of the Horan’s. “What’s going on?” Niall asked. I sighed, now I’m deciding if coming here was a good idea.

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