Every Girls Guide to Flings by Marla Miniano

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I don’t why I chose to review this book even thou it’s the third book in the series but YOLO right? XD Anyway, this is the second book I have read in the series, and to tell you the truth I got really hooked in the first book. So here it goes,

One thing to describe this book is SIMPLE, simplicity is beauty right? But not with Rickie, our protagonist in the story. She likes to party, drink and gets into flings all the time. Not so simple, I can say. That’s what set her apart to her close to perfect friendsAnna and Chrissy (main character in the other Every Girls Guide Series). The book get more interesting when Rickie dated her friend’s ex (Anna’s ex) who-totally-dumped-Ana-bigtime which I think is a big NO in friendship rule if that even exist.  I love the character because she’s flawed in so many ways yet she developed into a better person. Rickie was different with her two other friends because she is the girl-who-tries-to-look-selfish but deep inside wanted someone who could understand her and wants to commit to someone (despite her numerous flings each lasts only for weeks, with no commitment, no strings-attached and with known ending before it even begins). 

In the end thou, Rickie realized that she shouldn’t be looking elsewhere for affection, because she had the right people (family and friends) with her to give her the love that she needs if only she chooses to let them in and have a sincere relationship with them. Also she learned to value herself, respect herself, and see herself as a person who deserves something serious and who is capable of something serious.

I love the ending (sorry guys I will not spoil)

Rating: 4/5

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