Chapter 6- Smart Party

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Chapter 6- Smart Party

Chloe sat down at her work desk in her high rise apartment, spreading out her papers. She was trying to figure out Barbara's schedule for the next week before the party. The sun beamed into her glass window casting a warm glow in her house. "I wonder if Trevor's in New York yet." Chloe said out loud. She should probably call him, he was nice yesterday, but something seemed off. I'm just not good with friends! Chloe thought sadly to herself. Even in Virginia, she only had her friends over about twice a week. She went out enough, but it wasn't something she really looked forward to. Chloe's phoned beeped, jolting her out of her thoughts. The number on her screen showed Laura Freedman.

"Hello Laura."

"I don't like wasting time, so I'm just restating what I told you before. Don't show up at the party. Chloe, take my advice as a member of the, to put it kindly, wiser society. Let me have my job, and go back to Hicksville where you belong. Stay out the way if you know what's good for you."

Chloe rolled her eyes, and got up from her desk. She pictured Laura's prideful, sneering face as she replied, "I'm going anyways. Nothing is stopping me."

"Chloe, I'm warning you." Laura simply stated as she hung up. Chloe slowly walked back to her desk. Biting her lip, she thought about the phone call. Why was Laura warning her? Must be jealousy. Suddenly, her apartment seemed dark and very silent. The sun no longer shone through the window. "I should just go back to Virginia. So what I got my dream job? So what I've actually started making friends?" Chloe rubbed her forehead, thinking of Jane and her headaches. Resolve settled in her eyes. "No, I'm going."


A brisk breeze whipped past Chloe, sending her perfectly curled hair into a mess. Her black dress still looked smashing, and the charcoal eyeliner that lined her eyes really made her emerald set pop. There is so many people here... Chloe thought to herself in shock. The medium sized house off of the university campus looked full to the brim with young people. Cars were parked madly along the street and in others driveways. Press with cameras were scattered around the facility. Chloe was almost run over by a group of whistling boys as she got out of her car. "Babe! Whatcha doin tonight?" They called out loudly, obviously drunk. "Ew, that's why I don't come to these." Chloe said in disgust, trying to weave her way through the rowdy crowds to the front door.

Suddenly, a firm hand grasped Chloe's wrist. "Let go!" She yelped, but it was too late. She was two inches away from a man in his early twenties. His piercing black eyes sent a shiver of fear through Chloe's heart.

"Baby, let's go somewhere quite."

The man drawled, shoving his way through the crowd, with surprising speed.

"Let go of me! Let GO!"

Chloe screamed at the top of her lungs. The crowd kept moving to the music, everyone seemed oblivious to her pleas. Now they were through the front door, it was even more cramped. People shared an inch of space with each other and no one cared.

"Please I'm begging you. You don't even know me."

"Oh but I want to, I want to feel-"

A young body suddenly slammed into the body of the man. In seconds, Chloe was lost amongst a sea of drunk college kids. "Barbara, I have to find Barbara." Chloe coaxed herself over to a table where several kids sat smoking. In shock, she also sat down on the ratty old coach beside a boy with tattoos up his whole arm. They didn't notice she had sat down.

"This party is so lame. Everyone is like, dressed up and so many cameras."

A blonde said from the corner. She was sitting on the lap of a boy with red hair and a lip piercing.

"Harley, pipe down. The beers free, and there's lots of models!"

The crowd laughed, slapping their knees and hooting. Chloe wondered what the joke was.

"This was the stupidest idea."

She whispered to herself. Looking up, she saw that two pair of eyes were on her.

"I didn't see you show up. What's your name, cutie."

The boy with red hair asked, the blonde on his lap shooting him a dirty glare. Chloe stood up, deciding she had had enough. "None of your business. Now if you'll excuse me-"

"Not so fast, hun, you just got here!" A boy with shiny blue eyes grabbed her arm and pulled her back down to the couch. Chloe gasped, almost tripping in her high heels.

"Maybe we should get those off of you, hmm?" He slurred, squinting his eyes seductively. "The name's Shawn. Do me a pleasure gorgeous and gi-"

"Let me go!" Chloe wrenched away, running full speed ahead. She could hear the laughter from the group following her as she weaves through the crowd. Finally, she found a wall where no one was dancing or drinking. Chloe sat down, letting the quite place fill her ears.


A low, rumbling voice questioned. Chloe's eyes widened. Looking over to left, she spotted Harry. His white shirt hung on his body like a sheer curtain, covering treasure Chloe wished she could open. Why I am thinking this right now, Chloe rubbed her forehead.

"Hey." She whimpered quietly, wishing he hadn't found her.

The look in Harry's dark, mysterious eyes changed from surprised to a deadly panic. "You shouldn't be here."

"You don't think I didn't notice! You don't think I've already had a rough enough night! I know I shouldn't have come but I'm trying to make a living for myself!"

Harry smirked, then chuckled, "Your much too pretty to be make a living like that." Harry said lowly, sitting next to a fuming Chloe.

"I didn't come here to sleep with anyone! Not like that! I came to talk to Barbara." Chloe whispered, holding back the tears brimming in her green eyes. A tear slid out, leaving a streak down her cheek. She could feel the wetness, but didn't move to wipe it.

Harry stayed still for a moment. In the dim light, Chloe could see the outline of his lushes lips and the darkness of his round eyes. There was sadness that Chloe wanted to reach out and touch, but she couldn't.

A gasp filled her mouth as Harry reached out and slowly brushed away the tear. His soft fingers sent a fire through Chloe's body.

"Stay away, Chloe. You're not meant for here."

Harry slowly pulled away, walking into the shadows, not even turning back. Chloe slid further down the brick wall. Her heart rate pumped rapidly, her palms sweaty. Wild thoughts rushed through her mind. As a wild holler reached her hiding place, Chloe stood, up and smoothed down her overly priced dress. The only safe place, must be where Barbara is, she thought as she carefully tip toed into the light.

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