Dear Allison,

Sweet girl, why do say such things about me? Why do you you love me, even though you've never met me? Pretty lady, you are wonderful, you don't need me to be happy. You say no one cares but I care, Ashton cares, Calum cares, Michael cares. We all care, there's always someone who cares, and I am one of them.

I know you think your ugly, but you're the most beautiful person I know! No one ugly could think such things about themselves like you do. I hope you are safe, Angel, because I never want you to hurt yourself again. I know these letters were sent months ago but I am listening, still. You said goodbye in your last letter, and now I'm scared. Don't say things like that, please answer this letter. Please tell me you're safe, at least. Darling, I love you, I couldn't bear it if you gone. Keep your chin up Alli and keep a smile on your face.

I've put myself in denial, I know you're gone beautiful, but I can pretend can't I? I can pretend that the most amazing girl in the world is still alive. You are an amazing person! And I wish you knew that.

Everyone has bad days and I guess that, that was your life. But if I managed to make even just one of those days happy then I should be content for the rest of my life. I love you so much Allison you don't even understand. I really know you now princess and I know that if I had met you, I would have loved you. But I still love you now, even when you're with the other angels in heaven.

Loving you forever and always,


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