Part Five

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Short chapter guys sorry.

"Here we are girls. Make yourself at home because I gotta go. Love y'all. Stay safe. Here's some money, hold up, here's my credit card Carl's. You know my pin right?"

I nod my head and smiled. He gives me a kiss on the forehead while doing the same to Bailey. He sometimes think that she's his daughter. That is why they let me take Bailey anywhere I like.

They love her for gods sake! With a final goodbye, we throw our suitcases in our room. We looked at each other and smiled.

"Where to first bff? " I ask.


We laugh and run out the door.

Hours and hours of shopping, we head back to the hotel. I swear that I got more clothes than Bailey. Just kidding! She's has way more than I do. Like always.

" let's put these in our rooms then we can head out to eat. " I say.

She agrees with me. Once everything was put away, more like, once everything was on my bed, I wait on Bailey.


*bailey's pov. *

As I start to put away my clothes, I get a text message. One from Paul and the other one from Jay.

The one from Paul said, Where are you babe, I've been looking all over for you. I'm sorry I was a jerk but can you please give me a chance?

The one from Jay says, Where's Carl's? I need to speak with her!

Desperate much boys? I chuckle at myself but don't respond. They don't need to know where we are cause then our trip is going to be a bye bye.

"I got a text from Jay and Paul saying where we were. I didn't respond though. Our trip would be ruined. " I smirked.

Carl's gave me a high five and with that, we left.


*Jays pov. *


I haven't seen my mate since 7 hours ago and I'm freaking out. I thought that Bailey was just joking about the whole business trip. Guess I was proven wrong.

C don't know? But I need to see Bailey. What if she's in danger or something?" he panics.

"Wait a minute, does Carl's step mom know where they can be? " I asked.

We rush out of my office and into the Darks house. I see Mrs. Dark at the kitchen trying to figure out what's she can cook.

" Hello Mrs. Dark. I was hoping if you knew where my beta could be at? "

" Oh, he's gone in a business trip with the girls at England. Why? "

" I was just asking because he didn't tell me. "

" He was in a rush and forgot. He told me to remind you whenever I got to see you again."

I nod my head with a good bye. I smile widely at myself. Thanks for everything Mrs. Dark. Now I can go find Carl's.


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