Ch. 5 A Sweet Gentleman

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~Camille's POV~

"Are you serious mom?! Where the hell did you hide them now?!"

She stormed inside my room with a confused expression on her face. "Since when do you talk to me like that young lady?"

I rolled my eyes towards her. This daily routine was the most annoying thing ever.

"Mom, give me the skates right now."

"No, you need to understand please."

"Mom!" I complained. Who does she think she is she can't take them away from me!!!

"Millie, no. Tomorrow, try to spend this whole day without them I promise I won't do this ever again."

I put my head in between my hands in deep frustration. "Mom why are you doing this to me?! You can't oh my god give me my damn skates!!"

She shook her head, folding her arms.

"Mom what the fuck?!"

She sighed, walking out of the room as I cried. I don't understand.

"Mom you can't do this to me please I'm your family!"

"Baby, I do this to protect you!"

"No! You don't know what 'protect' means! If you did you wouldn't hold me back everytime you find a way to!"

"Millie, you don't understand!" she breathed out desperately.

"No! Of course I don't understand! That's why I'm so sad and that's why I have to go skating! You can't do this! Why do you always do this?!"

"Camille that's my last word. No. I'm sorry," she spoke sharply, a remaining serious expression plastered on her face as she stared at me soundlessly.

I let out a loud and upset shriek, feeling my cheeks literally burning from anger. And before I could stop them, a harsh group of words slipped through my lips to startle both her and myself.

"I wish my dad was here!"

I immediately regretted my words. It seemed from where I stood that someone had just knocked the air out of her, and the color of her skin, too.

But I wasn't gonna let her win. The truth is indeed that I wish he was here, why not? I love him, and he supported me everytime I needed him to way more than her. Mom has never understood what this means to me at all, and it hurts that she can't even give it a freaking try every once in a while.

She was silent for a moment, clearly taken aback as she cleared her throat awkwardly.

"I miss him too, honey," she began quietly. "But.... he won't come back, and we have to accept it so it stops hurting this much." She wiped my tears softly, a few fresh ones falling from her own eyes.

But I just kept crying. My hands were curled up into fists, my jaw clenched in utter fury. Only her could make me this upset, and that's probably why it hurts so badly.

"You could make things way easier mother," I spat bitterly. And without another word, I turned around and ran downstairs.

I grabbed my backpack and my sweater from the couch and ran out the door, not paying much attention to the blur in my wet eyes.

There were twenty minutes left till the bus arrived at my house and I hadn't even had breakfast yet, but I wasn't gonna spend one more minute with her. I knew that would be no good, and I figures I'd just buy something somewhere.

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