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LittleMissObsession asks:I have a question for Jeff:How much do you love your knife?What if I threw it off a cliff?Would you chase after it?

Jeff:*hugging knife*I love my knife so much.If you threw it I would chase it and then kill you

OtakuSaurus asks:Another Question:MASKY WHAT IS UR RESPONSE TO THIS?!*smashed all the cheesecake in the world and burn all recipes to make more*:D

*whispers loudly*YESH ID LIKE TO JOIN OwO

Masky:*really suprised* u w wouldn't do that would u

Me:*whispers loudly to*YAY XD XD

Jaqi22 asks:Hey where is Eyeless Jack. And Kayla if you are a little nicer to Masky I will give you your most favorite thing in the world.

Eyeless Jack:*walks out of nowhere* IDK where I've been

Me:*hugs Masky and mumbles*Fine but remember u owe me something now

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