Preference # 24: 'Disconnected' by 5SOS

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Ashton: I like the sound of rain, I like the sounds you make, We put the world away, We get so disconnected.

The sound of rain on the windows woke the two of you up, turning your head to the side you saw Ashton stretch out as he rolled over to face you. Your body being pulled towards his as you let out a quiet moan as you found a comfortable position with your legs being tangled with his and your head resting on his bare chest. The radio switched on like it does every morning to act like an alarm for the two of you but you end up sleeping through it liking the way that the soft morning music hums you back to sleep. “I love days like these” You heard Ashton mutter under his breath as he moved slightly underneath you finding a good position with himself, one arm wrapped around your shoulders and the other under his head. You hummed in response listening closely to the music playing in the background being over powered slightly by the rain that was usual in London at this time of year. The house phone started ringing, the loud annoying shrieking sound they always use to signify that someone is trying to contact you. Ashton held you down as you tried to get up to answer whoever wanted to talk to you even though you know it’s just one of the boys wanting to know where the two of you are. “The world will survive without the two of us for a while” He whispered in his morning voice.

Calum: But I’ve found my sweet escape when I’m alone with you, Turn down the static sound of the city that never sleeps.

The bright lights of New York out of the window to the hotel for the night kept you awake, you now realised why everyone now called it the city that never sleeps because it was true. You could still hear the faint sounds of some fans stood outside hoping that one of them will come outside to talk to them or the cars racing down the streets trying to get to where they want to be in a small amount of time. Calum had gone down to the restaurant to see if we could get some food delivered to your room instead of having to both go downstairs when you had both already changed into some of your more comfortable clothes. “They are bringing up a load of food later” Calum said walking into the room and coming straight over to the bed where you were sat watching one of those late night TV shows that they have on in the US. His arms were quickly wrapped around your body letting you feel safe and protected like you always do when you are around him. “I love just being along with you” He whispered into your hair as he stared out of the window to the bright lights of the city, everywhere you looked there would be rows upon rows of lights from houses or businesses. “It’s like our own little escape when we are together” You smiled up at him once you had finished your sentence watching the corner of his lips turn up into a smile. The TV was quickly turned off as his body rolled on top of yours and he hovered above you dropping his head to your neck and shoulders, leaving small kisses wherever he could “My own sweet escape”


Luke: We get so disconnected, Turn off the radio, Those late night TV shows, Hang up the telephone, And just be here with me.

“I just want you here with me” Luke said, you wanted to just lay in bed with him talking about nonsense till 3 in the morning or dancing around the kitchen whenever your favourite song came in the radio. But you couldn’t as he was half way around the world performing to hundreds of adoring fans every night just like he would talk about at 3 in the morning to you. “I want to be there with you as well” You moved closer to your laptop screen as you saw a faint smile on his lips. The TV in the background causing your face to light up at some points and then go dark again, music playing off of it reminding you of when you would lay in bed until noon everyday with Luke listening to the latest chart toppers until you got bored.  “I saw you guys on the TV today” You turned the TV off and lighting up the side lamp on leaving the two of you in silence, his smile widened then fell again as he looked up to talk to one of the boys. “I will talk to you when you wake up, we have to go to the studio. Sorry” He quickly blew you a kiss before the screen went blank in front of you. The time had seemed to go quickly from 5pm to 9pm yet it felt like such a short space of time when you talked to him, as he would always say. You just get so disconnected from the world when you speak to him and you don’t even realize other people around you when you two are together, on the phone to one another or just thinking about one another.

Michael: We get so disconnected, You are my get away, You are my favourite place, We put the world away, We’re so disconnected.

A knock on your window woke you up abruptly making you jolt up into a seated position, a few more knocks and you got up from your bed and slowly walked over to the window that had the curtains drawn. You peeked your head round the curtains to be face to face with Michael and jumped back from surprise as you heard his laugh through the windows. “What are you doing here?” You whisper shouted at him as you finally decided to open up the windows and let him decide, he climbed through the small gap and collapsed on your bed smiling up at you before pulling you down on top of him, letting a small squeal leave your mouth. “I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t stop thinking about you” He whispered knowing that your parents would most likely still be awake in their room, his smile grew when he saw you trying to cover your face not wanting him to see the blush starting to set on your cheeks. “Well you woke me up from my sleep while I was having a nice dream about you…” A smirk was set on both of your faces as your position was switched from laying on top of him to be lying underneath his body. “I finally realized, you are my get away, my favourite place. When I am with you I just want to be disconnected from the world” His words were muffled as his lips attached to the skin of your neck every so often leaving marks where he wanted people to see them making quiet moans leave your mouth egging him on to leave some more. A knock on the door interrupted the two of you as Michael was pushed off of you and onto the floor in time before your mum walked through the door checking on you

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