Chapter Nine - The Real Cheat

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Luke's POV:

What the hell? It hasn't even been 12 hours and she's got another guy in her room!!

I'm running I don't where to but I need to get away. We haven't even broken up, I get she was upset but how could she do this? What if I'm right what if there was someone else the whole time?

I realise I'm in the park in our favourite spot. All the flowers have died now its just an empty field but I lie on the grass and turn my phone off, even when it rains I just stay there alone....

Ivy's POV:

"Ethan are you OK?!" I say handing him ice and a towel

"fuck" he says putting the ice on his face

"yeah I'm fine, I'm guessing that was your boyfriend then?"

"Well I don't know anymore?" I'm fighting back tears, I can't cry over him. He didn't trust me.

Me and Ethan decide to go to the movies to take our mind of things, but I really wish we would have done anything else.

Because what I saw next made me feel sick.

Luke and Brittany, together. Making out right in front of us, luckily they didn't see us and we decided just to go home.

I stayed quiet the whole drive home. Ethan tried comforting me, but this time I couldn't just watch some movies and lie in bed all day I felt like my heart had been shattered into thousands of pieces.

Luke's POV:

When I got home from the park I was soaking wet, everyone looked at me sympathetically so I decided to tell them what happened

"another guy already?!" Skip says

"even though she denied" James adds

I know exactly what I'm going to do next, I text Brittany and take her to the cinema. I know I shouldn't do this it doesn't really help but maybe in time I'll forget about her. 'Luke you know that won't happen, you love her' I think.

Suddenly Brittany leans in and starts making out with me I kiss back not really wanting to.


I haven't seen Ivy for 3 days now but I hear she tried to speak to Jai and he told her not to contact us anymore. Part of me feels sorry for her because I know she has no one but then I remember the hurt she caused me.

Ivy's POV:

I decide to call Jai the next day, maybe being with friends will help me

after 3 rings he answers

"Hey Jai, wanna go out today i th-" I'm cut off by him saying

"what the hell Ivy you cheat on my brother and you expect us to be friends still?!" he hisses

"Jai I didn't-" I say crying

"don't Ivy just don't, don't contact any of us anymore".

He hung up.

I rang the last person I could think of. Karla.

I cry down the phone to her and luckily she believes me and tells me she'll try and talk to Beau but she's on holiday with her family for the whole break.


The next day she calls me and says that Beau believes Luke and that Luke's dating Brittany now. I break down again, luckily I'm going to Perth in 2 days so I won't have to endure this anymore.

But what about when I go back to school? Everyone's still talking about Luke's love confession to me. I know Brittany will make my life a living hell when we go back. Great!

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