Chapter 2: Back to Arendelle pt. 2

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It's been days since I left the Academy, and I went to my usual routine, staying inside the castle and stuffs. Except I had time with Anna and Olaf, sometimes we play snowball fights at the Garden.

Everynight I would always rest at my window seat, staring at the bright Moon. Waiting for a miracle that Jack would maybe visit me for a few minutes. But I always go back to my bed, disappointed. I would always close my eyes with a slight frown formed upon my lips. I missed him so much, doesn't he have any spare time?

Mom and dad needed to go on a business trip the next morning, I should prepare myself for I will be handling their duties until their return.


Anna's POV:

I was glad that Elsa came back. Besides the fact that I've missed spending time with her, I also see her as my hope, hope to see the world outside.

When I was young, Elsa and I always played. But one day, she just shut herself from me, always locked in her room. I barely even see her. I tried to call her many times to play, but she always rejected me. It was odd, but everytime I ask my parents about me, they would always say that I'll learn it soon.

But that was just the beginning. My parents started to be overprotective of me. They closed the castle gates, and I was never allowed to go outside the castle grounds. I could only play in our Garden.. alone.

When Elsa left, I was of course sad. But then I realized, mom and dad brought her to the Academy not just to control her powers, but to be able to socialize with others. So maybe, when she comes back, she can persuade our parents that it's really fun outside, that they should let me try walking past the castle grounds and meet new friends. One day I knocked in her room, to try to talk with her for that same matter. She allowed me to enter, which she didn't do before. It made me happy.

"Do you need something, Anna?" Elsa said, as she closed the book she was reading.

"Umm.. How was the world outside?" I asked as I sat in her blue couch, fidgeting my fingers out of nervousness. What if she rejects that idea?

"It was ugly yet beautiful." She answered.

"I don't get it." I said.

"Well, we met several dangers, but we were able to solve it because I have my great friends with me." She smiled. Since when was the last time we talked to each other like this?

"That's great!" I yelled. But formed a little frown after. "Wish I could see it.." I mumbled. I heard her laugh.

"I got it. Well, I don't know if mom and dad would approve. But they'll leave tomorrow so we could open it." She gave a smirk this time.

I grinned in response.

"Cool! Now I could finally see the outside!" I excitedly screamed as I jumped up and down.

"Shh, they might hear you." She scolded lightly.

"Thank you." I gave her a genuine smile.


Elsa's POV:

Mom and dad approved the gate's opening when I slipped out the idea to them. They said that it's about time anyway, since she was isolated for many years already. But we can only do this once or twice a year. So they decided to throw a late welcome ball for me, but they won't be able to come since their trip's really urgent.

The next morning, our parents said their goodbyes already. Before noon, me and Anna started to dress up. I had my hair in an updo with a braid surrounding it and left my bangs at my face. Anna also had her hair in updo and used long ribbons to tie it. I wore my typical teal dress and my cape, and she wore her green one.

I ordered the gates open after we fixed ourselves. Anna was so excited that she rushed outside. I can't help but laugh at her silliness.


Anna's POV:

It was soooo beautiful outside! With all those kind people, and the market, and the lake..


Aww. What was that? Something furry hit me in my right that I fell on a nearby boat, luckily the boat didn't fall in the lake because something stopped it.

I opened my eyes to see a young brunette man in a horse. "Hey!" I said, pissed off. You wouldn't wanna fall into a boat when you were having your sentimental moments outside!

"I-I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?" He asked, worried.

"Uhh, no.. I-I mean yes! I'm okay.." It took me a while to realize what he really looks like. It was my first time seeing a man as handsome as him. I mean, I never got a chance to see different people, specially a guy with almost the same age as me.

"Are you sure?" He asked as he came down his horse and offered his hand.

"Really, I'm great." I responded.

"Thank goodness." I reached his hands and he smiled at me. I felt my heart flutter.

"Oh, umm. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles." He bowed.

"Princess Anna of Arendelle." I introduced as I curtseyed. His face turned into shock and suddenly went on his knees.

Then I realized that it was his horse's foot that held the boat, but he imitated his master's action and bowed so his foot moved, causing the boat to almost fall. I fell too, and Hans was in top of me. We gasped in shock. But then his horse realized it and held the boat tight again by stepping one foot inside.

We flew to the other side and had our positions reversed. I suddenly was on top of him.

We stood up and apologized. It became quite awkward but I felt comfortable talking with him afterwards.


Elsa's POV:

It was already evening when Anna came back. I was so worried and regretted that I let her go outside, but I was relieved to see her rushing back with a smile on her face. She went beside me and smiled wider.

"How was outside?" I asked.

"It was great!" She answered.

"Whoa, I just realized that you look beautifuller! I mean, more beautiful. You know.." She added.

I laughed. "Thank you."

Then a small, old man suddenly came to us. "Good evening, Queen Elsa. I am the Duke of Westleton, so can I have the first dance of the Arendelle's new queen?" He made silly gestures and bowed, extending his right hand and waiting for my response.

Anna and I chuckled.

"Thank you, only I don't dance." I quite lied. I don't feel like dancing either.

I heard the Duke sighed, so I had an idea. "But my sister does." I said.

Anna's face became pitiful, like she was begging for me to take back what I said. But I felt sorry for the old man too so.. "Sorry." I whispered to her and she was dragged by the Duke. She stood there while the Duke danced with his funny dance steps. We just can't help but laugh, the crowd even stopped and watched them.

Their dance finished, but instead of going back to my side, she went to other direction. Later on, she went back with a man on her side.



So I somewhat reviewed the movie to have other few lines, although they weren't the exact things because the original storyline of Frozen was kinda messed up because of my first book. Yeah. 8D

And the Duke called her Queen, but she's not yet. It just means "future queen" or something. Haha.

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