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George's POV

we were all awake sat in the common room apart from Jade and we all tried not to wake her. This is the longest sleep she had had for weeks plus she looks beautiful when she is asleep well she looks beautiful all the time but you know she just looks at peace.

We were all having our own conversations. Fred and I were talking about our new line of products at Weasley wizard wheezes.

When suddenly we heard the common room door open.......they were hidden by the corner so we had no idea who it was. I stepped forward in front of the sofa protecting Jade my wand at the ready like the others. We heard the foot steps coming closer and closer. I couldn't help fearing the worst that it was a death eater but that's impossible I said to my self this is Hogwarts we are safe but I kept on alert just the same. Rosa must of heard something to and know that it could be anyone as she stood by my side protecting her master(Jade who is still asleep) growling.

'Hey' said Oliver wood coming round the corner he put his hands up as he saw our wands pointing at him. 'What did I do?'

We laughed and put our wands down and became relaxed.

'Woah what happened to Jade she looks awful' asked Oliver.

'Oh thanks' said a voice a sweet voice I knew Jades she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Oliver.

'I just meant you look ill' he said.

She laughed and then asked 'so then Oliver what are you doing now'

'Oh fine just playing quiddicht for England you know' he replied.

'What brings you hear Oliver' I asked.

'Just coming over to say hello to my old teachers and my friends' he said with a smile.

We all talked for a while about random subjects.

And soon Oliver had to go. He said goodbye and went out from the room and we jumped into a conversation once again.

Until to my surprise professor Dumbledore came in and said that he came to see how Jade was doing and professor mcgonagall came with him. I knew they both had a soft spot for her.

Later that night and we were all shocked at this professor Snape came to see if she was ok. He also had a soft spot for Jade. I knew he used to love Harry and Jades mum Lilly at school so I wonder if that is why.

Soon later we all went to bed Harry and I stayed with Jade again. Tomorrow was Sunday so no school and all I hope is that Jade will get better soon.

Then I fell deep asleep

*George's dream*

They were all lying around me dead. Fred,Harry,Ellie all my closet friends but then I saw a group of red headed people dead on the ground too. My family. Bill,Charlie,Percy,Ron,mum,dad and Ginny. Then I saw one last person, the person I love most of all Jade. But behind her was Voldemort and I saw tears in her eyes, then a green flash and the girl I love is lying there motionless on the ground her eyes open in fear.

*end of dream*

I woke up sweating and looked around I saw Jade there asleep on the sofa where I last saw her last night breathing heavily.

It's ok I told myself it was just a dream.

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