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I woke up on the top of a building. Five stories up. I looked up and saw that a dome enclosed us all in this city. "Hey Kelp Head! Stop daydreaming!" I didn't notice that behind me, Leaf, Phoenix, and Feather had landed in the same area. "My older brother told me about this exercise. We have to work together to eliminate other teams. Were in a virtual world."

Leaf's eyes widened as he tackled me to the ground as a spear made out of lightning flew past our heads. "We might want to get out of plain sight." Leaf said as he got up and then helped me up. We all lined up at the edge of the building, "On three... one... two... three! We jumped in unison, Feather giggled happily, Leaf screamed in terror, and Phoenix and I smiled.

"Brace yourselves!" Feather screamed as she summoned a burst of wind to slow down our fall.

Once we were on the ground, I used my mind to try to find a source of water. That's the challenge, there were no bodies of water. "I can't sense any water in the area!" Feeling blind, I led the group through the maze of buildings. We were about to leave an alleyway between two buildings when a tornado spawned yards away. I peered out of the alley and saw Tranquility, Triton, Oak, and Coal face off against Tempest, Soil, Stingray, and Blaze.

I can't explain why but when I'm mad, my water senses heighten and I'm able to track the smallest amounts of water. That's when I looked up, and in a window was a small garden of the one kind of flower that stores water. Every two out of ten floors had those gardens. I raised my hand and all the water from all of the flowers came to my hand. "I have an idea."

We formulated a solid plan while Tranquility's team fought Tempest's team. Phoenix was going to start a fire on top of a building that would send off smoke. While Leaf, Feather and I would create a super storm to trap and eliminate ALL of Tranquility's team.


Tranquility had destroyed Tempest's team. Apparently in the arena when someone dies, they fade away and awake in reality. Phoenix was on the other side of the plaza on top of a building, starting a fire. "Look up there!" Tranquility screamed and pointed at Phoenix. Phoenix stuck out her tongue and started to chuck fire balls at them. It looked like Triton couldn't find any water. I smirked sickly and started conjuring the storm cloud with Feather, Leaf stood guard behind us. Don't lose concentration. Don't lose concentration. That's when Oak caught Phoenix off guard, impaling her with a large spike made out of earth.

"PHOENIX!!!!" Opps. Tranquility turned and smiled maliciously at me. Feather, Leaf and I turned around and ran back into the labyrinth of buildings. "Split up!" Leaf took Feather down an alleyway to the right and disappeared. I took the water I had and fashioned it into a sharp throwing knife, when it fell into my hand, it turned to ice. Quickly, I saw Tranquility, Triton, and Coal ran by. Just as Oak ran by, I threw the throwing knife as hard as I could. It stuck in the back of his neck, he fell dead. I pulled the throwing knife out as I heard Triton calling Oaks name. I whispered, "That was for Phoenix," and ran in the direction Leaf and Feather ran. Let's see, two groups down. I heard four screams, make that three groups down. Its just Tranquility's team and my team.

"Rivers! Rivers!" It was Leaf screaming at the top of his lungs.

"I'm here!" I yelled back as he ran into the alleyway I was in. Carrying an unmoving Feather. "What the hell happened." I struggled to talk as he put her down, half of her body was charred. "Coal found us. He got to her before I could kill him." He broke down sobbing when I put my hand on his arm.

"She's ok, remember this is just a simulation." He smiled a little and then let out a shriek of pain. He fell foreword and in his back was a spear fashioned like a lightning bolt. Tranquility stood alone, arms crossed with that smug look on her face. The bodies of Feather and Leaf evaporated into nothingness as Tranquility and I squared off to fight. "Where's Triton?" Venom laced my words as she smirked at me.

"Flame blew him up."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" My ice throwing knife liquified and the moisture in the air turned into straight up water. She backed up nervously, but I flicked a whip of water at her and pulled her into the huge ball of water. The ball started spinning and she was starting to fade away because hey, people can't breath under water. It finish her, I slammed the ball of water into a solid wall. She spilled out of the ball and took her final breath. That's when everything went black again.


I awoke to Phoenix shacking me. "We won!" I had already been unstrapped and she was helping me up. "We all saw you! It was great!" She pulled me into a hug and Feather, and Leaf joined in. As a woman unlocked the door I thought, for the rest of my life, which probably won't be long, this would be my family.

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