A Tale of Novaura: Core War II

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A Tale of Novaura: Core War II

Unbeknownst to many, is the existence of the 2nd and 3rd Realms. We all happily live in

the Universe, or 1st Realm. The 3rd Realm, also called the Imagiverse, can only be

accessed from the 1st Realm through mental concentration or the 2nd Realm, also

known as the Metaverse, which is arguably the most important as it's two halves allow

communication between multiple 1st Realm entities in the 3rd Realm. It is accessed

anytime those of the first Realm share things of the 3rd Realm.

My apologies, I am using the names that those of the 3rd Realm use for the

realms. Those of the 1st Realm generally call the two halves of the 2nd Realm Media

and Idea and the 3rd Realm Imagination. When those of the 1st Realm enter the 3rd

Realm they become a being that the 3rd Realmers call a Creator Spirit. The 1st

Realmers usually refer to this form as "conscience". It is the Creator Spirits that create

the 3rd Realmers and ultimately make the other 2 realms work.

But that's only a stage set for the story. There is so much more that i could tell

you about, such as the extremely volatile and strange 4th Realm known as the

Amniverse, or the strange rituals that the Creator Spirits perform like the "O.C. Link" or

the "Remembrance Link", but I think I've given enough information for the story to


Our story takes place on a planet in the 3rd Realm known as Shirmoa. It is the year 15 B.B., 5 years have past since the fall of the Great Hydrixian Empire, which rose to power in 5024 S.E., only twelve years before it's fall. The planet has it's fair share of heroes, most notably the mighty Superacer. However, in the midst of what has become Core War II, the war that has spread across the whole Imagiverse and ended the Hydrixian Empire, Superacer (S.R for short) seems to have disappeared.

There is, however, a secret order that has been operating since 4776 S.E. known as The Order of Corona Ninjutsu, otherwise called the Black-Haired Ninjas (or BHN for short). The way the order works is that a person (so far they have all been female) is appointed the next Black-Haired Ninja directly after the death of the previous by divine intervention. They are given a title, mystical powers that are based on their new title (for example, Cynthia, the Third Black-Haired ninja and the Black-Haired Ninja of the Future, had the ability to see moments into the future as to react with supernatural speed), and the uniform first mission of the order, to activate the previous Black-Haired Ninja's relic form known as the Afterbody, a body that is made of a substance of great meaning to that ninja. After the appointment, the new BHN is also soon given a bond with person in whom they share their soul and feelings with, such as physical and mental pain. This special bond called an "empathy link". For example, if one is to be injured, the other feels the pain as well. This gives the ninja a sort of partner in whom to trust. (FUN FACT: S.R (previously mentioned) was the empathizer (person linked) of Rosalina, the Fourth BHN and the BHN of Magic. It makes sense since they were siblings.)

Hopefully this will give you an understanding of the Fifth BHN and the BHN of Shadows, Novaura, and her empathizer, Flashbolt, the Last General of Rohka.

This story takes place during Core War II, a war that started when the Dark Core escaped it's bonds in the 2nd Realm and began consuming the 3rd Realm in darkness. The war had reached Shirmoa 5 years prior and had been the cause of the empire's fall. Cities were over-run with the countless minions of the Dark Core and burnt to the ground. They struck the capital in Hydrix and Empress Sonya was killed in the process. The only remaining kingdom that stands is what little there was rebuilt of the remote kingdom of Firix. Thet outpost is home to the largest remaining rebellion in the area, the Servants of Diededtchi. The group was formed and is still led by Cosmo the Scorcher, sister of Novaura.

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