Preference # 23: He Asks One of the Boys For A Condom

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Ashton: Things were getting heated to say the least. His hands roamed your heated skin, tracing patterns along your ribs, and sending chills down your spine. You tugged harshly at his hair, emitting a groan from Ashton, who was propping himself up above you. His hands travelled down the sides of your body, until they reached the hem of your shirt. He tugged it, never breaking the intimate kiss that the two of you shared. You lifted your back, so he could wiggle it up, exposing the plane of your stomach. His fingers danced over the bare skin, until he caressed your side, emitting a small groan from your parted lips. He smirked against your skin, his nose travelling down your neck, his hot breath fanning over your heated skin. You lifted your hips a little to meet his, a deep guttural sound mades its way from the back of his throat into the heated air between you, and your eyelashes fluttered at the sound. He pushed them back down, chuckling as you whimpered, his strong hands holding your hips down. He finally tugged your shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room, only to be found tomorrow by the rays of sunlight while you two giggled as you redressed yourself. Your hands ran down his back, as you grew irritated that he had his shirt on too. “Take it off,” You breathed into the kiss. He pulled a little bit away from you in order to pull his sling shirt over his muscular chest. You bit your lip as he bent back down to press a fleeting kiss to your needy lips, his hand travelling along your hip until he reached around to hitch your leg around his waist. You gasped, as he playfully nipped at your collarbone. Within minutes, he had managed to get your pants off, leaving you in your knickers and bra, his pants were currently discarded somewhere in the room, and you knew exactly where this was going. “Ash, wait. Condom.” You managed to gasp out, your fuzzy thoughts of pleasure broken by the need for a contraceptive. “Shit right,” He said rolling off of you and walking to the dresser in front of the bed. You heard him curse before looking back at you. “I’ll be right back, I just have to ask one of the lads for one. We finished the last pack a few nights ago.” You giggled, nodding your head, and propping yourself up on your elbows. “Hurry back,” You said biting your lip. He groaned, his eyes travelling hungrily over your exposed body. You saw him leave the room, and his muffled voice travel through the walls. You faintly heard him ask, and then an eruption of laughter most likely from one of the boys. A few moments later, he came back red faced with a the small packet in his hands. “We’re not going to hear the end of this,” He said coming back over to you. You laughed, beckoning him over with the motion of your finger. He smiled, tossing the packet beside you, as he crawled back towards you, hovering over your body. “Now where were we?” He breathed against your now flushed skin. “I think I can refresh your memory.” You said grinding your hips against his, making him growl darkly, his lips pressing against yours once more, surely signalling where this would end up.

Calum: You were in Calum’s hotel room, which he shared with Luke. He was on tour, and you had wanted to surprise him. So with the help of the boys, and some planning you had managed to fly out and meet them. You had waited patiently in the dark, sitting on the edge of his hotel room. When he had walked in, the expression on his face was brilliant. Utter surprise crossed his features, then a breathtaking smile etched itself into his face. He dropped his guitar case with a heavy thump and ran towards you, grabbing you in such a bone crushing hug you gasped. He peppered kisses all over you face until he reached your lips, giving you a loving kiss that explained how much he had missed you. Luke came in briefly to shower, saying that he would only be about ten minutes, then he would leave you two to the alone time you craved. While Luke was in the washroom, Calum took this opportunity to kiss you again, this time it displayed something else. It was deep and meaningful, hinting that the wanted you now. His hands travelled down your spine, sending chills along your goose fleshed skin, making him chuckle as you arched your back against his body. “I’ve missed this,” He said against your skin. All you could do was moan, your reaction hyperactive because of the time you had been apart. “Do you have something?” You said, your voice sultry as your index finger trailed along the curvature of his jaw. “I don’t have time to look for them, Luke’s suitcase is probably more organized.” He said chuckling as he rolled off of you. Just as he crouched beside Luke’s case, he stepped out of the washroom. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, holding a towel around his waist. “Protection mate, I’ll cover you next time.” He said. “Fine, top pocket.” He said shifting his weight on his feet. “I’ll be sure to warn the lads not to come in here, well they’ll probably know because of how fucking loud you two are.” He said rolling his eyes and giving Calum a look. “By all means tell them, at least I’m getting some. Thanks man.” He said patting him on the shoulder laughing as he sat back down next to you, his hand immediately resting on your thigh. “You just wait.” He said his voice dark, making you grin at him. You heard Luke gag causing you to erupt into a fit of laughter. He changed quickly, leaving with a cheeky remark, leaving you and Calum to a much needed reunion.

Luke: Luke was shy to say the least. He never talked about your sex life with the boys, and when it was brought up, he said very little about it. Obviously he wasn’t embarrassed by it, but it was something he wanted to keep private. So when you both were in the heat of the moment and needed a condom, he was faced with a dilemma. “Sorry Luke, I’m really not too keen on getting pregnant. Cover your willy before things get silly!” You said laughing, as you nudged his shoulder with yours. He had stopped mid make out, remembering that he was out. You both didn’t want to wait, the obvious answer to your problem was to ask one of the boys for a condom. “I can do this, its fine. You’re sure you don’t want to ask?” He said giving you a sheepish smile. “I think I’m fine,” You said laughing. He stood up, a red hue already covering his lovely cheeks. You heard him leave, and you couldn’t help yourself by running up to the door to try and hear some of the conversation. “Hey Ash,” He said, his voice hesitant. “Could I use a… ugh… a condom? I’m out, and I don’t really want to head to the store…” You could clearly hear his discomfort. Ashton snorted, agreeing. There was a pause, before Ashton came back. “This is a big step, our little Lukey is having sex!” Ashton said. Luke said something back to him, making Ash laugh. “No problem man,” Ashton said, as you ran back to the bed and sat on the edge. Luke came back, this time his entire face was red, and you couldn’t help but smirk a little. “What are you laughing at?” He said, his entire demeanour changing back to the sexy, confident, young man. “Oh nothing.” You said, still smiling as he walking toward you. You tilted your head up so you could look at him. “Nothing huh?” Now it was his turn to smile. “I should have grabbed more than one, because you my love, are in for a long night.” His smile grew larger, as yours transformed to an expression of utter shock. He bent down so he was able to whisper in your ear. “I hope you got lots of rest last night,” He said kissing just beside your ear. You bit your lip, your heart thundering as he pushed you back against the bed, before attacking your neck with heavy, heated kisses, giving you a taste at what the night would be like.

Michael: You and Michael were kind of drunk, already on the verge of having sex. His hands ran up your sides, cupping your ribcage as he moved you slightly so you were closer against him. Even in his drunken state he was still far more coordinated than you would ever be. As the scenario got hotter and hotter, and more clothing came off, Michael stopped, telling you he was going to grab a condom. He walked to his drawer, the only garment was a pair of boxers that was doing little to cover the hard on in his pants. “For fuck sakes,” He muttered, as you peered at him with heavily lidded eyes. “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” He said winking at you and stumbling out the door. “Luke!” You heard him shout, his voice breaking the silence of the room. You giggled as he continued to walk down the hall, in search of Luke, or at least one of the boys. You heard a muffled conversation, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “No, this is not for you Luke!” An eruption of laughter was heard from the boys, as you heard Michael throw a few choice words at the boys before wandering back to you. “What was that all about?” You managed to ask, your eyes travelling the length of his body. “Luke asked if this,” he motioned to his hard length in his boxers. “Was for him. And I told him, no, it’s all for you.” He said coming back over to you. You could help but move against his body in a futile attempt to create some friction. “Eager are we?” He purred into your ear, doing nothing to ease your situation. “You got a condom, are you going to use it?” You asked him, playfully nipping at his lip. A groan escaped his parted lips, making you smirk. “Oh sweetie, I’ll be sure to use it. But, patience is key.” He said, rolling over so you were on top. “Not if I’m running the show.” You said, winking at him and leaning down to kiss him.

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