Chapter 2: One Promise

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"Hello, may I have your passport please and your boarding pass." The polite lady speaks. "Yeah. Here you go" I hand in my documents and wait patiently. "Yes, thats fine. Just pop your luggage for me over here please." I lift my heavy luggage and place it on the scale. It takes a moment for the young lady to take the heavy, big bag in. "Thats all ready for you.Have a safe flight." She smiles and I reply with a cheerfully and now very enthusiastic,"Thank You, have a nice day.'' "You too. Next please.'' She says before I start walking.

I wait for my gates to be opened and have a quick woder through the shops, when I come across a perfect gift for Lillian. A relatively medium-almost perfect, bright and beautiful colour. Just screams Lillian to me. A red purse. Just perfect and gorgeous. It's £27. I take it with me towards the counter and hand it over to the lady. Quite delighted with the present I got for my best-friend, I once again wait patiently for the gates to be opened.

"God there are so many shops here," I whisper to myself as I look around Heathrow's massive airport. I sit down and suddenlyI feel gentle eyes laying on me. A handsome young man with dark brown, smooth looking hair, dressed in a black suit, with sharp, striking features. Tanned, clear looking skin. With rose pink-relatively medium size, lips. Hmm. Very handsome, I think to myself, but not showing it. Smiling at me, drinking something which looks like coke, at the restaurant right beside the waiting area. I try hard not to look at this beauty which is in front of me, but its hard. Very hard.

In minutes of admiring his charm and incredibly irresistible look. I encounter him from closer, as he approaches me. His exquisite smell from a distance is powerful and sweet.

He's smile appears to grow as he comes closer and so does mine. But why? Another hard question my conscience throws at me.

"Hello, beautiful." He says with a very charming and sweet American accent and I can't help but giggle and smile at the same time.

"Ha. Hello." I reply, still filled with giggles. "And you are?" I continue.

" My name is John. John Hurstfield. And yours? I'm sure it wouldn't be appropriate to call you 'beautiful' all the time, huh?" He's standing up with his elbow leaning on a side table of the restaurant beside me. " Im sure that'd be different, not a problem though. Claire, Bennett."

"Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Don't you think?" As he impresses me with his charming phrases, he slightly leans down and gently pulls out my hand and lays a soft kiss upon it. "Oh. How charming from a man dressed in a suit. But possibly agreeable. Thank you."

"A man in a suit? Its nothing but a suit?" He says with his long smile and a raised eyebrow. " I guess so." I reply playfully. "Well, Claire where are you heading to?"

"New York. And you?" "Oh, really? What a coincidence because I'm also going to New York." He says with a quite-shocked face. "Oh. Well I guess you're going to be on my plane.'' I reply. '' I guess so.'' He says. ''Well are you going to your boyfriends house?'' A boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend, I think to myself. ''Yes, I am. For six months.'' I respond, and immidiately I notice he's smile dropping gradually. The look on his face is absolutely priceless and I try immensly hard not to laugh, but its so hard. ''Oh." He simply replies. Still trying hard not to laugh, I put him of missery. ''Aha, I'm only joking John, but seriously the look on your face was absolutely priceless.''

''What? Jesus. You got me there.'' He says sounding relieved. ''I know.'' I smile and pass my hand across my face looking down, to flick my hair backwards so its out of my face. ''I'm going to stay at my friend Lilians house for six months.'' I say whilst looking straight into he's captivating, big, brown eyes. ''Oh I see." He says. ''What about you? Girlfriend?'' I ask, looking at my nails. ''No,Im going back home. Just got back from a bussiness meeting, but Im currently single. Looking for a good girl, to look after me-'' He says before being interrupted by a young woman, through the airport speakers. ''Ladies and gentlemen, flight BA872 to New York, Gates 48C are now opened. Thank you."

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