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I got up ready to go to the Magcon service with Matt for some reason he wants me to go I hope this one isn't about getting MARRIED IT BETTER NOT BE  BECAUSE I DON'T THINK I'M READY TO GO INTO THAT  STATION. but I will know eventually I always know but I  will find out I'm not  joking.but anyways my phone started ringing it was Nash my magcon bud


me:nothing wazuppppppppp with you

nash:nothing check out my new vine

me:Alright I quickly put him on speaker and went to his vine and the first one popped up.

vine:sup bros I just got this new brotat for the brotat store it's pretty bro if you ask me cam walks in get bro Nash says sup bro cam says are you vining bro  Nash says yeah bro cam says soo

me: cool nash cool well gotta talk to you later I love you.

Nash:I love you to talk to you later.

and then we hung up I went to get dressed and Matt said " woahhhhh hot tamoli" I quickly looked down and realized I was fully naked I quickly grabbed some clothes and but then over me Matt grabbed the clothes and threw them like he didn't want me to put them on

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