Meeting New Friends

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I'm currently having a lunch with my father. Jezza went home to eat lunch.

We just found our new two subject like extra-curricular subjects, TLE and Mapeh.

After knowing the two subjects, we just  write our name on a piece of paper and  passed our name to the teacher so that both of us will be listed and after that we got separated.

"Bye Dad I have to go" 

"Ok after your class go straight to my room, we' ll go home together"


I went to my room running coz I'll be late in ten minutes. It's already near twelve in the afternoon.

I hope the teacher hasn't arrived yet. Cross-fingers >_<

Luckily I arrived to my room without the teacher inside phew! I thought I was late so I searched for vacant seats and. . .Boom ! I saw two vacant seat near the window so I went there and I put my bag to the other chair and I sat in the one I did it on purpose or I should say I reserved it for Jezza ^_^

I texted Jezza  'where are you?'

she replied 'I'm coming can you wait for me in the main gate? please'

I texted her that I'll be there waiting.

Wait, it's kinda cheesy to listen to that haha.

I hurriedly went to main gate and wait for her. A few minutes I saw a bag that has the same design as Jezza. I hope it's her, I thought in mind.

Sigh, two minutes before our class will start "Hi Jezza come on well going to be late "

"Okay, lets go"

We ran gping to our room and just as I say were late. Yes were late.

All eyes were on us even the teacher is looking at us.

Our teacher discussed about the K-12 curriculum and the other stuff and later on, one of the guidance councilor came to our room to announce something

"I'm here to announce that half of this class will be tranferred to the section Rose and section Sanggumay so line here for the one will be transferred to the section Rose and, here this will be line for section Sanggumay" Guidance Counselor said

Many names are being called even us. "Angie and Jezza you' ll line there at the Sanggumay " after we heard that we stand and walk into the line 

Im so happy yipee! Im so excited and kind of nervous xx

After the GC (guidance counselor) announced the names, we quickly transferred to the other room.

Our eyes roamed all over when we arrive at the section sanggumay's room

No vacant seat and I bet it is more than 50 students here. "Let just stand there at the corner Jez" I said

"Gie, there are two vacant chairs over there" she said pointing at it.

I look at it hmmm... I didnt see these two chairs, maybe there is someone sitting there" Jez. let just sit for awhile or we just have to borrow it "

"Ok I just sit here in the armchair"



Two girls went near us "Hey this is our chair " she said to us

"Im sorry here" I was going to stood up but the tall girl insist.

"No its okay Juv let just use this one" Her friend said.

The girl named Juv sitted in the armchair like Jezza did, I wanna make friends with them.

"Oh by the way I'm Angie and this is Jezza " I said to them while smiling "

"Oh Im Juvie and this is Keren" Juvie said

"Hi ! :) " Keren said to us

After we introduce ourselves to each other, our Teacher came in and discussed about our the requirements we need to past this grading.


~After Class

"Bye Keren & Juvie" we both Jezza said to them

"Bye" Keren and Juvie

Jezza and I were walking in the hallway when Jezza suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Angie I want to transfer to another section" I was shocked about she said

"Why ? Please dont transfer I dont have any friends here" I beg.

"But, there is Keren and Juvie"

"I dont know them well... yet"

"Well, sorry Angie"

I cant push Jezza to stay with me, if thats what seh wants then I'll give it a yes.

"Okay, I guess I have no choice" I said while pouting


Hope you Like this guys sorry for grammatical error ^^V

-Hwang Ae Young

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