Chapter 11: Both sides

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I stepped into the shower and started pouring water. I knew that I stank of sweat and blood, and needed to wash it all off. Groping around, I located the soap, lost in thought. I had gone on a limb by telling Fenek that we should take the town. Granted, it was a viable idea, especially since the truck itself would serve as a tangible reminder to people about what had been taken away, but the question was how we would pull it off. I was sure enough that the guards would let us in, heck, some of them were already resistance members anyway...

However, I still wondered if there were collaborators within the city too... Would they fight us? Would we have to gun down our own people? 

Then again, humans had been doing that very thing for centuries in our goodness knows how many wars, yet here, we had to stand united... Fighting would be illogical...

Half realising that I was just standing in the middle of the toilet holding the soap, I put my thoughts aside and began to bathe properly. I knew that Fenek was already done, and waiting for me outside. I quickly finished up, got dressed, and walked out. 

The brown dragon looked at me, bemused. "You really took your time."

I rolled my eyes. "I was thinking. Shut up."

He snorted and went to lie on my bed, remarking that his horns were itchy.

I made a face. "Scratch them yourself, you lazy ass. And get off my bed."

Fenek gave me a pointed look. "I don't have my own bed to lie on."

I shrugged. "Remind me to get you one. The rest should be here shortly. For now, we have some time to ourselves."

Fenek nodded, yawning. "I want to know more about the Old World."


Keane was bemused at my request, asking if I had not already heard enough. I nodded, telling him about how stories about the wonders of human technology had always had me spellbound when I was younger. That seemed to amuse him even more, and earned me a scratch behind my horns.

His eyes took a faraway look, as they tended to do when the thought about the old days. "Well it was not all flowers and happiness, you know..."

He went on to tell me how the very same technology destroyed plants and animals alike, how it was used to build weapons with which the humans would make war with one another..

It was horrible... A nightmare! How could they twist their own creations to kill one another? They were such hateful and petty creatures... Yet they were interesting and wonderful at the same time... How could these sides exist on the same coin?

Noting my reaction, Keane chuckled, pulling me in a bit closer, his presence bringing some comfort. "You know why I'm telling you all this, kid?"

" scare me?" I replied... The answer was obvious enough, was it not?

He snorted. "Nothing of the sort. I already scared you shitless with my small little pistol. I'm trying to show you both sides. Nothing is perfect, and what we had in the Old World was far from a utopia, it may have even been mildly dystopian. But it was <i >our</i > screwed up world."

I didn't quite understand the words that he used, but his mental imagery showed me what he meant to say. Now I fully understood why the humans hated us dragons so...


"Good. You get it." I added, noting Fenek's reaction. He caught on fast. At this rate, I would be teaching him science within a week.

However, our little conversation was interrupted by a loud pounding on the door...

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