Chapter 19

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-I am sorry, my king.

-Oh, you will be sorry, mortal...

He was coming closer every second, and i tried to climb back, but he took my hand.

-So sorry, my king...- i tried my best to apologize, but i had to hide my laugh. I can't show him it.

-Do you find this amusing?

He took one more step closer.

-No,- i nodded my head.

-So, why are you...

-Your clothes are wet,- i spoke.

-Yes, they are. All thanks to you, mortal... Why do you hate me so much?

-I don't...- i said quietly. We stayed in silence and i took a look around. -Is that what i think it is?

-What?- king asked. I took his hand and pointed to a mountain.

-River seems to start from that peak... And then it turns into a waterfall. And there is and entry under it! It must be that cave!

King stayed calm and then spoke, his voice soft.

-It is that cave we were looking for, mortal. That means...

I didn't let him finish, sort of cut him of with my lips on his soft ones.

I felt so happy, i just couldn't help myself.

It felt like i had to do it.

My eyes were closed and one of my hands, moved along kings arm. There was a noise.

It all most sounded like heavy doors were opening.

-What's that?

-The cave just opened...- Thranduil was suprised.

-What are you guys doing in that water? We heard a noise and it seems that we have finally reached the cave!

Calean and other guards were standing behind us.

-Uhm, well yeah... It is good then...

I was naked, pressed to kings body, and the guards did not have a clue that we just kissed.

-You should go first,- king said,-  we will be there soon.

-We'll do, my king.

All of them turned away and started to find a way to get to the cave, which was under water fall.

-Act of true love,- i whispered. King was carefully watching my every move.

-Say it...- king said.

-What do you want to hear, my lord?

-Your secret confession... Mortal...

-You wish for me to say what i feel?- he nodded,- i will say it, only if you say it first...

King slowly placed his hand on his heart.

-I love you, mortal... I have loved you since you crossed my land... Since you...


-Hey you!- Goun shouted,- we found it! The way in! You should come faster!

King handed me his wet robe and put it over my body. He was the first one out of the water, and he helped me to get out.

He turned around and let me get dressed. I did it as fast as i could.


-No, this dress, it's stuck... I can't close it...

King turned around to see my naked legs.

-Beautiful,- he whispered, despite my red cheeks, he closed the dresses buttons.- here you go.

-Well, thank you, my lord...

-We should go.

-Yes, my lord.

We climbed as fast as we could, when we finally had to get through the water.

-There is a secret passage way, look left,- Calean spoke. King stepped in first.

-The water here is an ilusion,- he showed his hand and i took it, climbing through, what i assumed to me water.

To my surprise my clothes were the same.

So where the others.

-We already lighted some torches,- i took one and stepped in the dark.

-So no all we have to do is find the sword?



As we came deeper, the cave moved, it felt like it was streching. We went closer and closer, when three steps down the stairs, was a huge round place, that looked like an arena.

-Well, that shouldn't be hard...

Calean laughed, when right beyond our eyes, appeared millions of different swords, in different shapes and colours.

Nice! It just keeps getting "better"!

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