Ch1: Drifter

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(Song Title: Drifter by Falling In Reverse)

That was two years ago. I have black scene hair with a mint green dip dye. I'll normally only wear skinny jeans and tight fitted shirts. I'm normally anti-social and I found out that were moving today. Dads just about to hop in the car but he turns and slaps me right in the face.

"If you hadn't-" He growls and shakes his head getting in the car.

I follow getting in the passenger side looking out the window holding back the stinging tears.

Over the past two years he had became an alcoholic and he's very abusive.... Moving didn't bother me because I had never fully made friends. It's just another house.... I have anxiety, depression, and I'm also bipolar. Don't forget that my wrists are full of scars. The only thing that helps me through life is my blade. I'm wearing white skinny jeans, a black Falling in Reverse t-shirt, my knee-high multi-colored converses, and my black beanie.

Dads mumbling to himself as I put in my earbuds pushing shuffle. This was going to be a long drive......

~Three Hours Later~

Dad stops at this two-story house and gets out. I sigh and get out slowly only to get greeted by a golden retriever running into me, causing me to fall. I can't help but giggle. Dad glances over really annoyed so I decided it was best to go inside and said goodbye to the dog. I grab my suitcase and go inside.

"Your room is the one on the top floor to the far right," A mover tells me.

I nod politely back and walk I my new room.

IT WAS PERFECT! The walls were black and my bed was the perfect shade of green. Not to mention that my posters were all perfectly placed! I loves it so much! I flopped down on my bed and sighed, exhausted. I have to go to school tomorrow. Loom High.... Sounds peachy!

I looked out the window then at my clock. 11:11. I should try to sleep..... The only thing that stops me for a few hours is my insomnia. I get this funny feeling about tomorrow. Few hours later I fell asleep......


I'm enjoying the story so far! It's fixing to get intense and full of drama! Love you guys <3


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