chapter two

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Olivia's pov

I noticed some guy passed out in my kingdom he smells like he just came from sky's kingdom what did he do to this guy he started to get up but fell back down again.

drake's pov

where am I? I know that I'm in the snow kingdom I have noticed this girl who hopefully doesn't know I'm a thief but she seems cute wait a minute Brooke!! I gotta find her "ow my head oh hi I'm drake and who are you? """I'm princess Olivia and this is my mom's kingdom and I know you just woke up but do you wanna go out later?" "Listen I appreciate the offer but I'm taken already but maybe she doesn't love me anymore so I guess so-" "thanks you won't regret it! ""Hopefully I won't." Later that night

"Oh I don't know how that works." "You wearing weird armor what is it called?" "It's my dad's old set called the thearmor of the vormoeses." "Vormoeses? Isn't that the thief God?" "Yeah." "You're a thief aren't you?" "Yes I am go ahead scream run go ahead I seen it all before." "Why would I do that I love you." "Listen Olivia I have to leave listen I just don't feel the love I had with Brooke so I gotta go but I'll see you again right?" "Yeah sure bye."

Olivia's pov

he left maybe what I should go visit sky.

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