Chapter 6

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Camilas POV

As I held Austin's hand, I was still in complete shock that I actually crashed into him.

How embarrassing.

Anyways, we finally got to our seat and the rest of the girls looked at both of us as if we were aliens. I noticed that we were still holding hands. He was holding my hand pretty tight. I tried letting loose of his grip by letting go of his hand. He finally noticed and let go of my hand.

His hand was so soft and big. My hand was so small and petite compared to his.

I actually miss holding his hand, now.

"Oh hi there Mr. Mahone," Dinah said with a wink.

Oh god..

"Hey girls. Long time no see. Just bumped into camila while trying to go to the bathroom," he said with a giggle.

His giggle was cute.

He must've told them that so that they wouldn't question us later.

"Oh hey" the other girls said.

"And oh really? You bumped into each other?" Dinah said in a sarcastic voice.


"Yes we did! Ok Austin I haven't seen Alex in a long time," I said pointing to Alex who was a couple of rows in front of us.

"I'm gonna say hi to him, he's a nice kid." I said while tugging on Austin's jacket.

Austin and I walked over to Alex and I immediately said hi to him. He looked kinda shocked that I was right in front of him next to austin.

Hmm I wonder why..

He said hi back but before I could say anything else, I heard the speaker say,

"5 minutes till show time, so please take your seats! Thank you and enjoy the show!"

"Oh I better go to my seat now I guess," I said to only austin now because Alex was talking to this girl that I didn't know.

"Wait before you go, we should exchange numbers!"

My stomach starting to flip and I wanted to scream my lungs out.

Did he really just ask for my number or am I dreaming..?

I realized that I was staring into his beautiful eyes for a couple of seconds before coming back to reality.

"Oh yeah, sure!"

I took his phone and quickly put my number into it. I texted my phone so that I got his number.

I quickly said bye and walked back to my seat. I really, really wanted to jump and scream but obviously I didn't. That would be kinda... embarrassing.

"Ausmila!" Dinah said out loud as I walked over to sit. Ausmila was Austin and I's ship name. I came to realize that a lot of people actually like us together.. That made me kinda of happy, to be honest.

"Shut up Dinah!" I said with a groan.

"What?! We got two lovers in the house tonight, huh?"

"Whatever.." I said with a sigh.

Authors note: I'm soo sorry it took me forever to update! On the bright side, a couple of weeks ago I went to the neon lights concert! Best night of my life! Anyways, oh my god, I think I'm literally obsessed with @ausmila on twitter. I stalk her tweets everyday so y'all should go follow her :) okay bye bye ❤️

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