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We got off the plane and then said our goodbyes.

"Bye guys !'' I say giving them all hugs. They all leave. Ill miss them, especially Matt. He was like my brother I never had.

"Bye Matt." I said and felt like I was gonna cry. He has seriously gotten to be my bestfriend.

"Bye Kota, never forget me! ill call you everyday!" he says and we do our 'handshake'.

"Bye cam!" I say hugging him. He was also like a brother.

"Ill probably see you alot because Im always at the griers." He says.

"Awesome!" I say. "Bye!" I say and with that, they both walk out, leaving me Nash and Hayes.

We go home and I see my mom. She runs up to me and gives me the biggest hug. We catch up on things and stuff. I tell her about me and hayes and she flips. Then I get a text. Hayes.

From:Hayes 😍😘❤
Come over. Now.

To:Hayes 😍😘❤ something wrong ?

From:Hayes 😍😘❤
Just come over..

Oh crap. What's wrong.

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