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Chapter 6


We are supposed to get into groups of three. Some of those groups will go try to find the flag, some will attack the other team, and some will guard our flag. Of course Eric decides he is best going by himself. Even though I could be in a group, everyone disregards me so I am left alone. As everyone splits up and leaves I try to leave too.

Eric grabs my arm again, but not harshly like I was expecting. Its just enough to grab my attention. He lets go as I turn around.

"What?" I ask him. For a second, his eyes hold my mine, but then he quickly looks away.

"Where is your group?" he asks.

"No one wanted me and they all ignored me so, I figured I would go on my own."

"You're not going alone."

"Well who am I going with?"

"Me." he says finally.

"Why do you want me? I'll just slow you down."

"No you wont, now lets just go." he says more demandingly this time. I sigh and we start to walk. Its not that bad since we are in silence, because I was expecting him to tell me how bad Im doing in training. But I wasnt doing that bad though. I had won just yesterday on our first day. I finally speak up.

"I have a question." I say quietly.

"What is it?"

"About fighting, how do you know who wins. Like every time do I have to make someone go unconscious?"

"Yes." he says it calmly like it was not a big deal.

"Oh..." I say letting the words hang.

"Whats it like for you. Coming from Amity and being here expected to knock people unconscious to survive initiation?" he asks. Again, he wears that tiny little smirk. I know this is a trick question. If I say something like 'its not easy' he will punish me for my cowardice. So I have to say the truth to him.

"To be honest, I kind of like it. I mean I dont mean to sound like a phsycopath but, in Amity, I hated all the happiness. Here its the fuel to my fire. Its a... its like a release." I say letting go. Of my thoughts I mean. Since I have no friends here, I have no one to tell this to. But I am certainly not his friend. Because I am an initiate and he is an instructor.

"You dont sound like a physcopath to me. Which is good." he says actually looking at me this time. His eyes are still cold, but they have just a little bit of warmth. Barely even noticeable.

"Eric... sir,-" I cant finish my scentence because he cuts me off.

"You dont have to call me 'sir'. Just Eric."

"Ok Eric, how old are you?" I ask him.

"17. I just became a leader this year." he says.

"But you're so... young!"

"I was ranked second last year. They offered me a job." he says the word second so hatefully.

"Who was first?" I dare ask.

"Four." he says venomously.

"It doesnt matter. I bet you did as good as him." I say. Inside, Im yelling at myself for trying to comfort him. I barely even know him.

"Obviously I didnt because I came in second." he snaps. Im shocked but not shocked at the same time. He was probably just playing nice. But the mean person we all see at training, is definitely him. Thats when the shots are heard.

"C'mon lets go!" he says. We both start running. We turn a corner and see a few people from the other teams. I get in a few good shots, hitting Mark and few others. Four comes out from a corner and shoots me in the side. The side of my jacket is splattered in bright neon green. Eric shoots almost everybody there, but Four shoots at him. He still doesnt get hit. One of the others from our team takes the flag from behind Four. There are many cheers but I still lay on the ground because I dont feel like moving. I see the smile splayed on Erics face. Of course the only time he is happy is when he beats someone who did better than him.

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