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once upon a time in the fields near country side 

that had seen battle roars without a sigh 

there were three friends, together they had fought 

for their people, king and anything he sought  

There they stood tall, heads held high 

like a lion leading his pride 

the moment they stopped for a breath 

there was nothing but only death 

silver sword turned red that never knew 

was it heart or head through which it slew 

lost its swing and with it brought a change 

causing the emotions within to spurt 

the friends vowed on not to hurt 

but to nurture and love for eternal range 

on the edge of a hill they looked up and smiled  

up there were three states and they set ride  

at stake were their hearts 

the hearts that were pure and true 

with a desire of love that is real  

and they left without a clue 

for a dream that was surreal 

all around there were talks 

that in the lands ahead lived three beauties 

so untamed and free, as told by folks 

that even cupid was awestruck and forgot his duties 

but our heroes, like i praised, were all set 

to write their own version of shakespear's sonnet 

the first place they stepped on was a land 

wide plains with green grass 

with five sacred rivers it was blessed 

through the green vast they spread 

harmony was in every grain of sand 

with the sound of playfull water 

in the surrounding otherwise quiter 

there was an unexplained melody 

their swords came out, was it a trap? 

confusions were in mind 

as betrayl was the recent trend 

with carefull steps they moved 

toward the the tangled trees 

all shady and the passing breeze 

their senses said its enchanted 

behind the oak, tough and twisty 

one could say it was a lady 

with flowing hair, full and frisky 

one of our braves, to check he dares 

what he saw was divine 

so beautiful and sublime 

features that of the clearest wine 

warrior lost his heart to her eyes 

with freshness of tulip's petal 

he decided to stay and settle 

the other two left for life's essence  

to the next place that was wild, 

with high ups and downs, trees so dense 

the atmo was all dark and unclear 

one couldnt see a thing if it wasnt near 

like a curious child one followed a path 

through dark, cold and spreading fog 

a mystry with many folds 

unaware, he stepped on a fallen log 

covered with wild slippery molds 

it crushed and made him fall 

deep down the slope through all 

to a place, quite and strange 

regained senses and he looked up 

a divine lady in white 

across a water pool was in sight 

the attraction was pure 

although about the depth he wasnt sure 

but without a second thought 

he walked through and ended up 

with his heart taken with the wind 

that swayed around them 

emotions and their mayhem 

was at peak, nothing but love 

and they fitted like 

a left hand in soft glove 

together they made the call 

and wished luck to our last warrior for the land 

that was covered with white flakes  

winds so cold and frozen lakes 

behind the tall mountains he knew was his life 

and just like the charming prince in his shining armor  

he conquered the heights 

and there in the valley of paradise  

was waiting his princess in red  

with perfection of a rose 

and its mauve edged green leaves 

true, there are thornes 

that might and will hurt 

but that pain, he knew 

will feed his warrior's thirst  

held and pulled by her waist 

and their soul met at their lips 

the lips that were frost bitten 

cracked and they bleed 

but they couldnt stop 

it was a desire of length 

comparable to galaxies 

and had the depth of eternity 

there the white horse witnessed  

something that today is called  

a ballad of love that never goes untold!

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