More Robinrockz Questions

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Sliver Sword: Pinkie, if you were raised on a rock farm, was there anybody else there other than you?

Pinkie Pie: I lived with my two sisters and my parents as well.

Rarity: Sliver Sword, here's your dress. It's sliver with a white lace trim ant the hem and sleeves. *hands dress to Sliver Sword*

Sliver Sword: This,,,is.....AWESOME!!

Fluttershy: Rainbow what happened to your parents?

Rainbow Dash: My Mom died of cancer a few years back, but my Dad is still alive and works as a manager  at the weather factory.

KimDash11: Sorry about your Mom.

Rainbow Dash: It's okay, she lived a long and happy life.

Blaze; My dog is whining like crazy when I've been sleeping. What do I do Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: It could be a varity of things. Your dog could be seeking attention or it could be missing you and wants to see you at night. Other times dogs are stressed when they whine or they see a threat. Some dogs use whining as a greeting.

Dog information comes from the ASPCA website. If you think your dog is ill or injured , call your local vet.

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