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Today was the day. It was funeral day. Yay me.

We finally found Andy. He was at Joe Flanders house. He's been really quiet though which worried me.

He walked down stairs, and looked at me. "You look nice" he said quietly. "Thanks, you do too" i said. He just smiled, a broken smile.

"Andy please talk to me. You haven't spoken to me properly in days.. I need you."

"I almost lost you Brooke. I know you need me but i honestly can't look at you without thinking about how i found you, just hanging there. It killed me" he said

"I realise that Andy. But shutting me out isn't exactly going to do anything"

He didn't answer. He just hugged me and walked away. "Say something i'm giving up on you, i'll be the one if you want me to, i'm sorry that i couldn't get to you i'm so so so sorry Andy" i said as i started to cry. I need him. Especially today, i'm going to miss my dad so much, i need him but he's not here. Its like what i did that night has haunted him forever.

There was a knock on the door, i answered it to see it was Sammi and Jinxx. "How are you doing Brooke?" Jinxx asked. "I'm okay for now i suppose.. But i could really use Andy right now. He still won't talk and when he does its mumbles" i answered.

"Well we're here for you darling" Sammi had said after an awkward silence. "Oh sorry guys, come in!" I said.

I hugged them and shut the door. We all walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. We talked for a little before someone knocked on the door again. "Excuse me for minute" i said to them before getting the door.

"Hey Brooke you okay honey?! Andy's helping right?! You're eating your food?!!! Have you slept?!!" A very worried CC said quickly.

"Uh hey CC, i'm okay for now, no he's not he wont even talk to me, i haven't been overly hungry, i haven't slept much either" i said answering all of his questions.

"Awwwwww Brooke" he said sadly whilst hugging me.

Moments later Ash showed up at the door. Couldn't really say hi as well, i had a CC on me haha. "CC...thats long enough now honey i'm fine" i said to CC

He got off me and walked into the living room. "Hey Ashy washy" "hey Brookey bear" we said as hugging.

~ Andy's POV

i'm upstairs, i can hear voices so i guess the others are here ready for the funeral of Brooke's dad. She doesn't know we're playing at the funeral, no one does. Except well BVB of course, i haven't been talking to her in case i blurted it out, you see after the funeral i have a surprise for Brooke and i'd hate to ruin it now.

"Andy time to go!" Sammi yelled. I walked down stairs to find Brooke crying and Ashley hugging her. I grabbed her arm and hugged her tightly. Letting her know i was still here for her, "come on we're gonna be late" Sammi said. We walked to our cars and drove to the service.

"Brooke look. I love you and i'll always be here its just knowing i almost lost you killed me." I said quietly as we drove.

She didn't answer, she just stared out the window. We arrived at the cemetery and Brooke grabbed my hand tightly. She walked next to Sammi and she just burst out into killed me. We took our seats and the priest began to speak.


"Today we are here to say goodbye to Mike Jones. He was a loved father, brother, husband and friend. He died tragically by a car crash that caused him to die instantly. We will now like to hear from Brooke Jones, his daughter"

Broke got up and began to speak. She looked at me and i just nodded at her so she knew i was there for her. "Well hi i guess. I'm Brooke and today i'm saying goodbye to my father.

He wasn't really there when i was growing up but i knew he loved me. You see everyone thinks that he was in a car crash but he wasn't..i know the truth, he committed suicide. He hated the fact that my mum was going to remarry some guy and he didn't want to be here anymore. He purposely drove into that tree. He was just a man, he wanted to die, he knew i suffered from depression and a lot of problems and he always told me not to give up. I never did because of him, but now he's given up on me. He left me here alone, and i don't know what will happen, but honestly dad. I love you for everything you've done and i will always miss you. Goodbye daddy you're forever in my heart." She kissed the coffin and returned to her seat, i'm surprised she didn't cry. Shes so strong.

"Will Black Veil Brides please come up and say their goodbyes" the priest said.

I looked at Brooke and smiled at her before we started playing resurrect the sun.

"I pray for mourning, I swear I'll never let you die!

These saints within us, can bring this moment back to life!

And my heart's held high with this battle cry, I'll march on!

On the horizon, we will resurrect the sun!

For the darkness

Has broken our homes

All that we wished for

Like fools on a rope

I can feel it

The desperate control

A burning passion

When love takes it's toll

Yet souls have a reason

And I won't let go!

I pray for mourning, I swear I'll never let you die!

These saints within us, can bring this moment back to life!

And my heart's held high with this battle cry, I'll march on!

On the horizon, we will resurrect the sun!"

When i looked back at her she had tears rolling from her eyes. We finished playing and the funeral was over. We immediately came home and Brooke just walked straight upstairs. I followed her, i don't want her cutting, ever again. I went in her old room to find her laying on the bed. I hopped in next to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Babe" i began. "Listen i'm sorry that i've been distant. I have a surprise for you though and i didn't want to blurt anything out, I'm sorry, i love you baby"

"Andy.. I needed you so much" she said sadly. I rolled her over and kissed her. She started smiling and i smiled also, causing our kiss to stop.

"I've missed you Brooke Leah Jones" i said as i pressed our foreheads together. "I've missed you too Andrew Dennis Biersack" she whispered as she slowly closed her eyes.

Fuck..i really love this woman...i swear everything i do is to make her happy because seeing a smile on her face makes me feel like butterflies have given birth to more butterflies in my stomach.

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