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Titus and I hung out for about an hour getting to know each other. When Jake calls me. I pick up the phone. “Hey Jake what’s up?” I ask like nothing is going on. “Where are you?” he whispers in the phone. “Jake… do I really have to tell you?” I ask annoyed. “Get home soon I heard your father saying he was going to check on you soon.” with that Titus picks me up and starts carrying toward my territory. I giggle “okay I’ll see you in about five.” I say hanging up. Titus starts in a light jog. I laugh some more. “You can put me down I am faster than you. Ya know.” He stops and puts me down. “Oh really darlin’? Is that a challenge?” he asks pulling me closer. “duh.” I say kissing his cheek and sprinting off. We keep running until I slow down toward the pack line. Titus comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me, causing us to stop. “Titus I have to go Jake covers for me enough as it is he could be seriously punished for lying to the alpha.” I say turning around. I peck his lips and hug him. “bye darlin’ I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says with a wink. I step over the territory line and he disappears into the woods knowing I’m safe here.

I quickly run up to the pack house and jump up to my window. Jake is sitting on my bed. “Chandler, I found my mate.” “What really? Who is it?” I ask sitting next to him. “Uh it’s a female from outside the territory. She is a rogue. Your… our fathers are interviewing her now. I’m actually kinda nervous. What if they thin k she’s a threat?” I put my hand on his. “Of course they won’t think that. She will move in here with in a day or so. No need to worry she will be rooting you on at your game tomorrow with the rest of the mated females. Hell if we weren’t playing Titus I’m sure he would be cheering me on too.” I say laying back. “Jake go wait for her. She will be scared when they are done. So go comfort her. I need to rest before our game, and my birthday. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” I say getting off my bed and grabbing my sweats. He nods and heads out.

I get in the shower before bed. I felt as the time turned to midnight. “Hey chandler it’s Taylor happy birthday!”  She said all excited. I knew I should have stayed out tonight and hung out with Titus until midnight. “Don’t be silly. Titus would have taken us right then and there how would our alpha feel?” Taylor replies. Yea I guess she’s right. Goodnight Taylor. “Night Chandler.” 

I wake up and feel refreshed. I quickly pull on my black pinup dress and red flats. We have to dress up for our game today. Sophie comes in as I am curling my hair. “Morning sweetheart. Happy birthday. Excited to find your mate?” she asks setting a red velvet cupcake down on the counter. I quickly pick it up and bite into to it. Enjoying the cupcake I moan. “This is amazing Soph!” I say while taking another bite. She laughs. “Your father is waiting for you downstairs. He has a surprise for you.” she says with a wink. I laugh and she leaves. I finish the cupcake and my hair.

Once downstairs an ocean of birthday wishes crashes down on me as I make my way to my father’s office. About ½ way down the hall an amazing smell hits me. It’s like coconut and chocolate. I all but run to my father’s office. I compose myself and knock on the door. “Come in.” is his simple response. I walk in and Titus and Zane are here again only Tanner and aunt Katie and uncle Derek are here as well. Titus stands when I enter. As soon as our eyes meet. Taylor starts to howl. The most amazing word slips from my mouth. “mate.” Is all I say and all eyes are shifting from me to my father. He smiles. “Go ahead. I signed the peace agreement this morning.” He says as his smile grows. I sprint over to Titus and he picks me up and kisses me. It’s the most amazing kiss I have ever had. “Happy birthday darlin’.” He whispers in my ear. A smile spreads across my lips. “Thank you.” I say and pull away. In between Tanner and Zane stands Joanne. Jake and a beautiful slender brunette stand across the room. I remove myself from Titus and go and hug my aunt and uncle. “Happy birthday sweetie.”Katie says hugging me. “Thank you.” I look at everyone in the room and then to the clock on the wall.

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