I'm a raindrop and I'm falling for you...<3

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This poem is about my 1st love...its written by me, myself...and I hope you guys like it...


I still remember the day,

When we first met,

It was the end of may,

But the beginning of a new set...

The way you smiled,

Or actualy the way you made me smile,

Made me feel like a raindrop,

And yes I'm a raindrop &

I'm falling for you...

Years passed by and

Now its been 7 years

You never realised that I love you,

And I never let you see my tears...

Finally on your 16th Birthday,

I gathered all my courage,

And I told you what I could never say

I told you that I loved you

From the past 7 years

And I still do.

I told you that the love

was and is true

From the past 7 years.

I told you that I cried

Every day and every night

From the past 7 years.

I told you I made boyfriends

To distract my mind some where else

From the past 7 years...

But from the past 7 years

It just increased.

You started loving

my best friend.

I could die but

My love for you could never...

Mid march came,

We met,

We hugged,

We kissed,

We realised & confessed


Baby till the end of time

I promise I would never

Let you Go

Now that I know you also love me...

Our love will Win

And the world will know

That WE will NEVER be apart

Because love binds together our heart... ;) :* :)

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