Preference # 22: Sleepovers

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Ashton: Sleepovers with Ashton are hilarious. He will do anything with you just to not let you get bored. One time, the two of you went sneaked out to a party and came back five in the morning, his mother totally oblivious to it and therefore also not understanding why the two of you were so tired. The last time you two sneaked out to spend four hours on the beach, talking under stars and goofing around under stars. You liked how the never ending sky is above your heads. This way the time you spend with Ashton seems like an infinite one. But tonight none of you is in the mood to sneak out and do something. Since none of you also do not know what to do when you sneak out this time. That is why you are snuggled up in Ashton’s arms, in his bed and are watching a movie. Or at least YOU are trying to, which is not easy because Ashton is bored and is constantly playing with your hair or poking you in the face or in the sides. Ashton starts poking your cheek again and you turn your face and bite down on his finger. “Ow, Y/N,” Ashton exclaims and shakes his hand in pain. He examines his finger and breaks into a fit of giggles. “You are so childish.” “No, Ashton Fletcher Irwin. YOU my hun are childish.” “That’s not true at all,” he responds, his voice taking a higher pitch. “It indeed is. Tell me, which 19 year old boy pokes his girlfriend constantly and plays with her hair.” “You love it when I play with your hair.” “Yeah, I do but that’s not the point. The point is that the both of us agreed on watching a movie and now you’re distracting me,” You pout in order to put emphasis on what you have said. “Awww, my little baby is pouting,” Ashton mocks you and pinches your cheeks. “Ow!” you exclaim and hit him with a pillow. Typical for Ashton, he starts giggling again which makes you hit him again. “What was that for?” he asks, a smirk still on his face. “For being the stupid boyfriend you are.” “I’m not stupid.” “Yes, you are.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes, you are.” “No, I’m not.” “When I say that you are then you are. End of discussion.” “Oh really?” Ashton asks. “Yeah, really,” you mock his tone. “Well, then it is totally normal for a stupid boyfriend to do this, right?” You don’t even have enough time to understand Ashton’s words when suddenly he takes a pillow and hits you with it. You gasp and hit him again with your pillow. Soon, the two of you are in the middle of a pillow fight, even knocking a vase over but none of you cares. “Hey,” Ashton’s mum calls but the two of you are too occupied with hitting each other with the pillows. “HEY,” Ashton’s mum yells, making the two of you stopp immediately. “It’s two in the morning. Ashton your siblings are sleeping and have school tomorrow. Both of you got to bed. Now.” “Mum, I am 19 and Y/N is 18. We are no kids,” Ashton says, earning a kick from you. “We’re sorry. We will be quiet from now on and go to sleep,” you apologize for both of you. Aahton’s mum nods in satisfaction and leaves, closing Ashton’s door behind her. You hit Ashton on the arm and he yelps in pain. “What was that for?” he whisper yells. “You want your mum hating me, right?” “She could never hate you. You’re adorable.” “Awww,” you coo and hit him again, making him yelp in pain again. “Go to bed now.” “Under one condition,” Ashton says. “And that’ll be?” He takes you by your wrist, pulling you against his chest and putting his arms around you. “You will sleep with me, in my bed and cuddle me.” “Hmmm,” you hum and put on a thinking face. “Don’t act like you don’t want to,” Ashton laughs and starts tickling you. “Okay, okayokay. I’ll do it.” With that, the two of you crawl under the blanket and cuddle till you are asleep.

Michael: “STOP! No, I can’t!” you exclaim, pausing the horror movie. “Y/N, what the fuck?”Michael yells, looking at you in disbelief. “I can’t watch that. It’s too scary. I’m gonna pee in my pants tonight,” you explain. “It’s just a movie.” “You think I don’t know that it’s just a movie. I do because I just fricking paused it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s scary as shit and that I am not able to watch it.” “We are almost through. Can’t you wait only 30 minutes.” Michael can’t believe that you are doing this again. Even at the last sleepover you did want to watch the horror movie. It took Michael a discussion of ten minutes to finally convince you on watching the movie to the end. And that is why you also know that this time you can’t watch it to the end. Last time when you agreed on continuing to watch the movie, you were scared for three weeks and had nightmares every night. This time it is even a scarier movie and this definitely will even make you paranoid while the sun is shining. “I just can’t, okay?” “Can I watch it then?” “What?” you ask, thinking you misunderstood him. “I wanna watch it.” “And what about me? I suppose you suggest to send me to another room,” you reply sarcastically. “That’s a good idea.” Your jaw drops in disbelief and you moisten your lips with your tongue. You scoff, not being able to do anything else and leave the living room. In Michael’s room, you lay in your sleeping bag, accidentally turning your face to Michael’s bed. You are facing the dark underside of Michael’s bed, remembering all the times as a child when you suspected a monster to be under your bed. You shriek quietly and hide your face in your sleeping bag. “Stupid movie, stupid Michael, stupid sleepover,” you mutter, the fear slowly increasing. You actually just want to do the old stuff you and Michael would do at sleepovers. Eat everything that’s edible and play video games. although you suck at every single one, this somehow became your thing at sleepovers. Suddenly, you feel stupid for being afraid this much and this embarassment mixed with your fear brings tears in your eyes. You suppress a sob and the tears start streaming down your face. How can I act like such a scared child? you wonder. Your heartbeat gets faster when you hear footsteps and then the door opening. “Y/N,” Michael calls out your name. That wasn’t half an hour, you think. “Y/N.” This time, you can tell by Michael’s voice that he is standing in the room but you stay quiet. “I know you’re not asleep,” Michael says making your heart beat faster. You close your eyes and pray for him to leave. If he decides to pull the cover back he will see that you have cried and you don’t want that. “Are you really mad?” Gosh, why can’t you just leave, you think. “Okay, I’m sorry. I should’ve turn off the tv. Now please talk to me,” Michael whines and you bite your lower lip. “Michael I’m tired,” you say, thankful for the cover which makes your voice sound normal. “Liar, liar. You’re never tired before midnight on sleepovers and we haven’t even played Mario Kart.” “I don’t wanna play.” “Come on Y/N. Pleeeeease.” “Fine!” you exclaim, pulling the covers back and sitting up straight. Michael watches you wide eyed and then furrows his brows. “Have you been crying?” he asks, concern hearable in his voice. “Yeah,” you mutter, your gaze turning to the ground. “W..why?” “Because I’m a stupid baby who can’t handle horror movies.” Michael examines you for a second and then pulls you in for a hug, catching you off guard. “I’m sorry,” he mumbles. “It’s not your fault,” you respond, hugging him back. “It is! I should’ve turn off the movie. I am so sorry,” Michael mumbles, and presses a kiss to your forehead. “Well, at least now I can kick your ass in Mario Kart.” “As if Y/L/N.” Michael and you put in the Mario Kart game, maintaining your usual customs of your sleepovers.

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